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Joomlashack is here with another great promo and this time it is Joomlashack University. Joomla is one of the worlds leading content management system and powerful platform to create website. There are many websites that are running successful that uses Joomla. You get wide varieties of Extensions, Components, Plugins to add more features to the platform.


You can find plenty of Free Joomla Templates, Free Joomla Extensions and Support just by doing a quick web search. However, premium templates are always different than free one, and enables you to get more support and features addition.

Learn Joomla Today and Start Making Money

It is not just make the End User feel great, also for the web developers who like to create more opportunities by learning joomla. As a leading and widely used platform, joomla developers, freelancer requirements are increasing every day. Hence, you can unlock the doors of opportunities by learning joomla today. Just give a look at the following freelance sites and see how many requirements in need for Joomla Freelancers alone.


people per hour

Investing your valuable time and money on joomla will get you the returns faster than you expect. Joomla freelancers usually charge their clients per hour basis many times. Taking step forward and learning deeper to develop joomla templates, extensions, components and plugins. The sky is your limit when you start with Joomla Development.

Ready to Learn Joomla ?

So, are you ready to learn joomla and start building great joomla websites ? Then here is the great opportunity with ultimate discount voucher this december 2011, to begin with your Joomla learning process at joomlashack university.

  1. Plenty of Joomla Training Videos
  2. Reading Materials (Step by Step Written Tutorials)
  3. Ask Questions directly to Top Joomla Expert Instructors
  4. Joomlashack Template for Free
  • joomlashack universityBuy 1 month for $39, get 1 month FREE! (2 months for the price of one)
  • Buy 2 months for $69, get 2 months FREE! (4 months for the price of two)
  • Buy 6 months for $99, get 6 months FREE! (12 full months of learning for just $99. WOW!)

How to Install Joomla by Joomlashack [Video]

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Amazing Happens when you Renew your Subscription

Yes, IT RENEWS AT THE SALE PRICE: You’ll get this deal for the life of your subscription, too. So, if you buy 2 months. you’ll get 2 months for free every time your subscription automatically renews.

Joomlashack University Coupon

Get Joomlashack Discount Coupon

Thanks for reading and please do write to us about your experience with Joomlashack after buying your first subscription. You may share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let your friends also know about this great learning opportunity.

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