Best Technology and Gadgets for Diabetes Patients

We celebrate November 14 as worlds diabetes day. The main cause of the rising prevalence of diabetes is frequently considered to be obesity [8–10]. Here are Best Technology and Gadgets for Diabetes Patients to help with medication, monitoring and much more.

Factors Including age, ethnicity, lifestyle (such as physical inactivity and a diet high in calories), socioeconomic status, education, and urbanization, have also been identified as potentially significant factors [11–14].

Diabetes can result in a coma, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and heart failure. These issues may result in your demise. The main cause of mortality in persons with diabetes is specifically cardiovascular disease.

Especially diabetes is not only caused for older people but also children at a younger ages are affected by diabetes problems these days. Which surely needs to be concerned about. It’s hard to get rid of diabetes but we have gadgets that can bear diabetes and keep it under control.

If you are wondering about how you can control diabetes with technology and gadgets you have landed on the right page. let’s start.

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#1 Insulin Pump

An insulin pump might be a pleasant respite for diabetics who are sick of injecting themselves. A tiny, computerized device called an insulin pump can give insulin in one of two ways: either as a constant, measured, and continuous dosage which is known as “basal” insulin, or. at your request, as a surge known as “bolus” dosage, just before meals.

Some diabetic individuals who use insulin pumps also need to utilize continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) equipment. These tiny sensors are applied to the skin like patches and wirelessly send blood glucose readings to an insulin pump, which is often worn around the waist. 

The information about the blood glucose level is received by the insulin pump and is stored there. Alerts let the patient know when their blood sugar levels are getting close to safe levels.

There are several Insulin pumps for all kind of diabetes patient but, I would recommend you to use Medtronic Insulin pump with CGM.

Read about the Medtronic Insulin Pump / Insulin Pumps on Amazon.

#2 Blood Glucose Meter

If you have diabetes, a blood glucose meter will probably be necessary to gauge and show the level of glucose in your blood. Your blood glucose level is impacted by exercise, diet, drugs, stress, and other variables.

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a little device that calculates the blood sample’s sugar content. A finger prick blood drop is frequently sufficient to use on a test strip. The fingertip can be immediately pricked using a spring-loaded device or with a specific needle (lancet).

Additionally, these kinds of blood tests can be used to determine the kind of diabetes you have. In the event that you suspect you may have diabetes. I highly recommend you to use Telcare Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Meter.

It provides a portable glucose meter with automated results online uploading through cellular networks. This implies that patients may submit their blood glucose levels to their healthcare practitioner without having to fiddle with Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth pairing, or USB connectors. 

Although the meter costs $149, certain health insurance policies could pay a portion of the price. Wireless connection is offered without charge by Telcare. 

Additionally, patients and caregivers may examine those glucose levels on an iPhone or Android smartphone by utilizing the vendor’s free Diabetes Pal blood glucose management mobile app.

Read about Telcare Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Meter. / Blood Glucose Meter on Amazon.

#3 Remote Glucose Monitor

There are two different kinds of glucose meters: ongoing glucose meter (CGM) blood sugar monitor (BGM).

A small sensor that is commonly implanted under the skin on the abdomen or arm is how a CGM functions. Your interstitial glucose level, or the glucose present in the fluid between your cells, is measured by the sensor. Every few minutes, the sensor measures the glucose. The data is wirelessly sent from a transmitter to a monitor.

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In this case, I would recommend you use the Mysentry Remote Glucose monitor, For patients who currently use a wireless skin sensor for continuous glucose monitoring, it is the first remote glucose monitor authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. 

The mysentry displays glucose readings on its screen after receiving wireless signals from the skin sensor. MySentry may be set up to provide auditory and visual alarms to parents or other diabetic caregivers when a child’s nocturnal glucose levels drop dangerously low. 

Read about the Mysentry Remote Glucose monitor. / Remote Glucose Monitors on Amazon.

#4 Foot Care Scale

Diabetes patients frequently have foot issues. When the nerves and blood arteries in the foot are damaged by high blood sugar levels, they may eventually take place. Diabetic neuropathy, the term for the nerve damage, can make their feet numb, tingly, painful, or deaf.

Such diabetic foot infections are a common clinical issue. Most individuals who have their feet amputated due to diabetic foot infections pass away within five years. Most conditions may be healed with good care, however many individuals needlessly have their limbs amputated as a result of poor diagnosis and treatment methods.

In this case taken care of your foot is necessary one, so I would highly recommend you to use Insight Foot Care Scale, it employs a lighted, tilted mirror to let individuals view their feet’s soles. Early detection of cuts and scrapes allows for more effective treatment.  And for price, speak with the vendor because it is not mentioned properly on the website.

Buy Insight Foot Care Scale on Amazon.

#5 Electronic Pillbox

The smart pill box automatically tracks patient medicine consumption each time the patient opens the box to take medication by sending a signal using a low-cost medication container, a battery-powered sensor, and a mobile data connection.

Especially patients with Type 2 diabetes, in particular, may need to take many drugs. Because some of these drugs must be taken many times daily, managing and adhering to a medication schedule may be quite difficult. Managing numerous drug regimens may be made especially easy with the help of digital pillboxes that provide notifications and reminders.

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In that case, I would highly recommend you to use MedFolio Electronic Pillbox through the use of audio and visual reminders, email or text message reminders, this $248 technological device aids patients. Patients can be reminded of the names of each tablet they need to take as they open the package.

Read about the MedFolio Electronic Pillbox.

These are basic technological gadgets for diabetes if you find this article useful, kindly share it with a few of your friends who are undergoing severe diabetes, or with one who is new to diabetes, they will definitely make use of this article. If you know of any other diabetic gadgets other than these 5 gadgets for diabetes kindly mention them in the comment section will compile them for a future article. Have a wonderful day.

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