[Leaked] PSP2 Hits Next Fall with Bigger Screen and Touch Panel

Update: Sony Reveals its Next Gen – PSP

There are rumors spreading across the web about the Sony PSP2 leaked images. Sony has a huge fan base when it comes to PSP. One of the best gaming device that entertains millions of gamers all the time with portability. Kotaku, one of the leading technology blog (gizmodo blog network), claims this as not just a rumor and has some confirmed sources that makes this leak report as valid.

The leaked proof clearly shows that it has implemented touch panel feature on the back of the hardware. The touch panel was described as looking like a big mouse trackpad. “When Sony showed the PSP2, it did not provide concrete details regarding how the trackpad will be implemented in games and instead is leaving that to the discretion of game developers”- kotaku. A larger PSP should not be that big of an issue for Sony, especially in a mobile environment with large tablets like the iPad. It also shows that Sony realizes it is no longer simply competing with Nintendo, but also Apple.

Sony has not open any talks about PSP2 till now. However, the unconfirmed sources tells that Sony PSP2 release date might be next fall as the team works deeply in tweaking the hardware to bring much more efficient and best to stand in front of its competitors.

The current PSP Price has also reduced to some high level which never expected.

NOTE: The above image is not a picture of the new device, its just a kotaku fan-created mock-ups of a new PSP.

Sources: [Kotaku]

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    1. Yes, Sony is coming up with few more surprising devices in 2011. Lets see whether it fights well with its competitors or not.

      Thanks for dropping by


  1. Hmm design looks interesting and hope they will ad some more coll features in latest edition . I already have one psp but I am never satisfied with it for some hardcore action games . PS it better option if you want to spend so much money in India .

    1. Yes @Atulperx,

      We have to wait little more to let the Sony reveal its officially. XBOX Kinect has reached the market. So we can expect its real competitor as SONY’s upcoming gaming gadgets. Lets see.

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