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Olive Pad, one of the india’s iPad gadget is getting famous these days among people. Many who feel that iPad is so expensive and looking for an alternative then Olive Pad can fit in its place. Its a tablet pc, one of the ipad alternative, perfect gadget and has the components that iPad users feel missing in Apple iPad. Ofcourse it do have some negatives and the following 9 minutes review by CNBC will literally helpful in comparing Olive Pad with Apple iPad.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWwjFwxOzL8[/youtube]

Olive Telecom, is one of the mobile manufacturer who have plenty of products in their showcase. Good range of Olive GSM Mobile Phones, Laptops, Gadgets can be seen in their official olive telecom website.

Olive Pad has almost everything that people usually expect in the Apple iPad alternative.

It has Internet Connectivity:

View WebPages in their full glory. No more squinting and scrolling. With Olive Pad’s wide 7” TFT and superfast webpage rendering, the Internet looks just like it does on your desktop. Surf by your touch. Click to know more about 3G Internet on the OlivePad.

Check your Emails:

With Olive Pad, setting up and viewing your emails are an easy affair. With up to 4 email accounts setup and push mail functionality, your email is as mobile as you. Click to know more about Email using the OlivePad Tablet.

Your Best Ebook Reader:

Read great stories and experience books in a way you have never done before. With great looking pages on the OlivePad’s crisp WVGA TFT & pages that turn with just a flick of your finger, reading a book will never be the same. Click to know more about Reading ebooks on the OlivePad 3G Tablet.

You can Make Phone Calls:

It has 3G. The OlivePad is also a fully featured mobile phone, with the added functionality of making Video Calls. Making calls & staying in touch was never so simple, just tap out a number or touch a contact and you are connected. Just touch to call. Click to know more about making phone calls on the Olive Pad.

Make Video Calls:

Got that important meeting but can’t make it? Don’t worry, with the OlivePad boundaries disappear and you can be at two places at the same time. The front facing VGA camera allows you to carry on Video Calling on a 3G/WiFi network anytime anywhere. Click to know more about making video calls on OlivePad.

Enjoy watching Movies:

On the Olive Pad, you can watch true to life videos on the go. With a 7” High resolution WVGA display giving you crystal clear playback, the Olive Pad becomes your very own personal movie hall. Learn more on watching videos on the Olive Pad Multimedia Tablet.

It has Youtube:

The OlivePad’s YouTube application gives you the freedom to watch, search and share your favourite videos anywhere, anytime. With a crisp and vivid 7 inch touch screen display, the Olive Pad renders videos in spectacular clarity and detail. Learn more on watching YouTube videos on the Olive Tablet PC.

Your Social Networking Accounts a click away:

Be it Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, Picasa or flikr the Olive Pad tablet allows you to update your social status and keep track of your friends wherever you go. Finally a 3G tablet that is as social as you. Learn more about Social Networking on the Olive Tablet.

Enjoy Music on the go:

The OlivePad allows you to experience your music by touch. You can flip through the albums just like you would in a real life music collection and just tap the album you want to play. Listen to music using your favorite earphones through the 3.5mm jack or using a wireless Bluetooth headset. Learn more about the Olive Pad Music Player.

GPS Maps Enabled:

With an inbuilt GPS sensor and MapmyIndia mapping software, OlivePad takes out the fear of the unknown and lets you explore places you never knew were there. Using accurate turn by turn directions and point to point mapping, you are sure never to lose your way again. Learn more about GPS Navigation using Maps on the Olive Tablet.

Office Documents:

Now you can take your office anywhere you go. The Olive Pad comes preloaded with DataViz Documents to go which allows you to view, edit and create Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Using the Olive Pad Tablet PC you can break free from your office. Learn more about Office Documents on the Olive Pad.

Android App Store:

What to do more on your Olive Pad? Guess what you can! With more than 70,000 apps available, you can expand the capabilities of your Olive Pad. With apps for Business, Entertainment & Multimedia, the Olive pad is all you will ever need and a true convergence device. For more info check out Android Applications on Olive Pad Tablet.

You can Pre-Order this gadget at Olive Pad website.

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