20 Addictive XBOX 360 Games for Non Stop Entertainment

Games are the most appealing thing in market which could make any age group convinced to look that back for a long run. To be appropriate we can say games are the platform to connect people who lead a normal life into fantasy, adventurous and the world which they would have seen only in dreams. Microsoft XBOX 360 and PS 3 are two famous gaming platforms to experience some extra ordinary graphic games. Both have awesome racing games, action, adventure games, and the list goes on to cover up maximum categories.

If you own PS 3 then we have one for you “20 Most Anticipated Play Station 3 Games of 2011“.

Best XBOX 360 Games 2011

X-box is yet another best medium for gaming and this comes as an next generation gaming experience at your household. This is one of the best product by Microsoft targeting the gamers and in fact they have made their judgement as a stronghold crusader and made it a success one.

Call of duty: Black ops

Call of duty is an action packed adventure game in which you need to play as a cop and secret agent for the allied force. This simple backdrop alone don’t let you to get addicted on this game but the excellent graphics and background for the battlefields and hostage buildings will do that for you. You will be Controlling a chopper, Bullfighter, Bazookas and what’s more will be the next question you might feel after completing each successive stages. (Go to Call of Duty)

call of duty

Mass Effect 3

The mission by Commander Shepard to take down Reapers-An alien force is the one liner of the game Mass effect 3. Not impressed with this single status then you need to play this live and experience the power behind those words. Reapers started dominating the universe destroying the planets and you are creating a private army and inviting some allied forces to rescue rest of the world and demolishing the Reapers existence. (Go to Mass Effect 3)

call of duty

Modern Warfare 2

Modern warfare is all about the mission of armed force to eliminate the enemies of nations and terrorists. You will be using all the recent machinery with most updated weapons on hand and tools for navigation in a realistic way. This game will take you to various other spots  both in land and water as a scuba diver for some deep sea missions. You will guided by some warships and choppers to complete the mission and to unlock the next arena. (Go to Modern Warfare 2)

modern warfare 2
Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman the hero of Gotham city, Dark knight and the black warrior got another responsibility to defend for Arkham Asylum city from the brutal hands of Joker and two face. This is pretty risky business for this super hero for managing two criminals and with your help he will strive to restore justice. The game have won couple of awards for the best graphics and wonderful theme line and worth to purchase and play. (Go to Batman arkham asylum)

Batman arkham asylum
Halo Reach

Halo reach is another Alien vs Human protest. This time you will be playing hardcore more than you imagine as the war is not just a simple business and so you will have a big team to defend against the alien forces which is equally equipped. Game has best features like night view play, planets with full of bugs and insects in huge size and number led by alien force. (Go to Halo reach)

Halo Reach

Assassin’s Creed Revelations

New release in the series of Assassin’s creed Revelations and in this a new hero comes in to the city as a new messenger of God. Ezio Auditore have eliminated all enemies on his city and travels east in search of Assassin’s library. His lonely journey into Ottoman’s Empire in Constantinople where there is a secret army trying to destabilize the operation. You can play a multiplayer online with your friends and make sure you play as brave as Auditore. (Go to Assassin’s creed Revalations)

Assassin's creed Revelations

Fifa 11 for XBOX 360

Fifa 11 is another biggest award winning xbox game for sports section and this is well improvised than its older version in many ways like pro passing, goal keeper, career mode, centre of creation etc., In this game you will be enjoying the real football play with real players inside your x-box. You can play this online by having an customized team and battling championships and other seasonal club matches  with others. (Go to Fifa 11)

fifa 2011

Gears of War 2

Gears of war runs in a single notch to survive or to die. With the city full of monsters and mammoths of underground have started migrating to the land surface and they are busy in clearing human existance and their habitat. In the winter field you gonna experience the battle fever all around. With all new technology helping you, provident man power support you need bravery alone to mark your heroic smashes to restore peace. (Go to Gears of war 2)

gears of war 2

Grand Theft Auto 4

What are the nonsense you can do for being the biggest gangster in America. Simple tag line for this big game and i’m sure you will have a great experience on you XBOX playing GTA 4. What else you cant do in the liberty city other than stealing, robbing, killing, assassination, bombing, riding all vehicles on street and virtually to become the dark lord of the city. (Go to Grand Theft Auto 4)

grand theft auto 4

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

You can say this game a million dollar baby as because its been sold out 50 million units world wide. You will experience the real ring match which is rocking world wide in your home with all your favorite WWE superstar playing their acrobatic moves for you. You will make this game play even more interesting with all features like summer slam, money in the bank, and title matches including tag team and triple threat. (Go to WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011)

WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011

Mortal Kombat Vs DC universe

For all comic freaks and super hero lovers this is the thing you were searching for. Having all your superstars form DC universe and justice league who will be fighting with the masters of  battling the Mortal kombat’ian. This is an one to one or arcade battle with which you will use either superhero’s or scorpion team in fighting each other. (Go to Mortal Kombat Vs DC universe)

Mortal kombat Vs DC universe
Skate 3 for XBOX

Skate 3 is another best selling game for XBox and this is an unique skating game which you should have in your must collection list. Not just the word is simple but the game will rock to core by its graphics and background effects. You are a sport freak in the city of Port Carverton and here you need to form a gang and make some practice matches within your arena and go for some championships and rash drives inside and outside city and show you skating skills with some extraordinary stunts. (Go to Skate 3)

Skate 3 for XBOX

Tom clancy’s Hawk 2

Are you ready to handle the world’s most deadliest and advanced war aircraft ever built. Yes you are the pilot of this technologies best outcome and now your duty is to eliminate all other forces which less equipped than you but in enormous number. This is not just a game but a virtual teacher for you to handle aircraft right from boarding onto it, rising, taking off, operations in air and then landing, so bringing in the ultimate experience for you being an pilot as professional. (Go to Tom clancy’s Hawk 2)

Tom clancy's Hawk 2

Top Spin 4

This game is the coolest option if you want to experience the original tennis game play on your home. Top spin 4 bring you the best thing in the form of making yourself virtual inside the XBOX allowing you to plan the game, analyze the strategy, break the barrier, tackle opponents mind games and shoot at their weakness so there by bringing you in as the unleashed force inside the court. You can create player train him virtually and then bring him to tournament and rock along with him. (Go to Top spin 4)

Top spin 4
Split / Second

So far seeing all sort of arcade and action game here for you bringing in a new collaboration racing and action packed venture. A city made for demolition which will help you making the race even more interesting and without rules. You need to race the distance without any restriction with your car entering any tracks on the map, destructing any surface to define short cuts and breakthrough any buildings and reach down the dead line. (Go to Split/second)

Split / Second

Spidey Web of Shadows

Every hero has a dark side- A single one liner of this game. Even though Spiderman saves the city during troubles and rescues common man from struggles he cant fight his own problems wisely this is the first problem he faces for first time. Whenever people need of some help spidey comes there but what if spidey is in trouble and he’s in need of some support to guide him in right way. Sounds thrilling is it? So go for Spidey and web of shadows in your XBox. (Go to Spidey web of shadows)

Spidey web of shadows

Red Dead Redemption

A cowboy and his travel to solve the mystery on his life. This is a strategy game which will take you to the time of America in 1911 and you will live a life of a cowboy. John Marston is the hero who is hunting down his enemies and criminals who he was calling friends once upon a time without knowing their masked faces. He takes his guns against lies and betrayals he came over and he’s on a mission to take down those things at West America and in Mexico. (Go to Red Dead Redemption)

Red Dead Redemption
Battlefield: Bad co. 2

Battlefield: Bad co. 2 is one of the best award winning battlefield game for its excellent theme and interesting game play. You will be enjoying as a warrior, pilot, armed force and bazooka’s many more on the field moving organizing, transporting and all other multitasking jobs in a battler field most importantly fighting the offensive forces. (Go to Battlefield: bad co. 2)

Battlefield: bad co. 2

Splinter Cell Conviction

An angry father fights back in search of his daughter’s murderer after being alone for long days mourning for the pure soul. Sam fisher is the father who lost his daughter in a mysterious place and found her dead in his house hold again strangely. He’s on a travel to find his enemies in name of friends and  save nation’s assets of machinery which he served a long back. So he’s carrying two unknown things in his hand together and finished the mystery in style. (Go to Splinter Cell Conviction)

splinter cell conviction

Fighters Uncaged

Turn your body into the best weapon. Your arms are made of steel, your foot is as hard as a rock, your body is so flexible as rubber and what are you waiting for taking down the obstacles. Sounds good right yes you are not going to use any weapon but simply some piece of martial arts and more amount of confidence to take down your enemies. So no guns no blades even then you are seen the deadliest weapon in front of all. (Go to Fighters Uncaged)

Fighters Uncaged

You will never eat, never sleep, never stop 🙂 enjoy playing the great titles listed here and please do mention some titles if you feel we have missed it. Thank you so much for reading and please do share this with your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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