.Com Domain Names less than 6$ from Name.com

name2Name.com, a leader in domain registration have announced Happy Hour’s, where you can book your sitename.com domain names less than 6$. There is no need of promo code’s. Book your domain names between 3.00 PM till 10.00 PM to avail this happy hour domain registration discount. There seems one secret hidden with this offer. The price at 3.00 PM starts with 8.99$ (usual pricing) and started to fall up to 5.49$ which may be at 10.00 pm. Name.com claims no guarantee for your offer priced registration. Hence there will be no refund or assurance that you can book your domain name in the offer price. Getting the domain registration less than 6$ is assured.

Name.com’s other interesting offers:

You can also book your .info domain names at just 1.99$ with name.com

Transfer your domain names at just 7.99 $.

Also, book your yourname.me sites at just 4.99$.

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  1. picking shorter .com domain is highly possible.so such offers are not great.
    sorry for negative commenting…
    (robin please check my mail and reply)

  2. Dear sugan,

    As per the ICANN (domain registry) it is not possible to book a domain name which has less than 4 letters prefix to .com , .org or whatever TLD (Top level domains) it is.

    So these people might have contacted ICANN directly to book such 2 letter or 3 letter domain names. 🙂 So do you find this topic is interesting right now ?

    Moreover this Stumbleupon's service is another great tool for bloggers and people who look for genuine traffic to their blog.

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