Hostgator India Review 25% Coupon Code Discount (New)

Hostgator India has announced 25% Discount for purchasing your hostgator shared webhosting, reseller hosting or vps this christmas. Here i come up with Hostgator India Review + Discount Coupon Code to save you big bucks today. Hurry up the coupon is good till december 31st only. One of the leading web hosting service provider is now in india who accept debit cards to make payment while buying any hosting plan. Though many like hostgator for their quality support and service, credit card always considered as one main problem to let indian users go for other vendors and face downtime and poor support quality.

hostgator india

Hostgator India Review

After their launch in india, they brought facility to accept debit card purchases for any of their web hosting plans. The price may be little high compare to other hosting providers, still you can trust them for the high availability servers, 24 x 7 chat support, Good Knowledge base and Ticket support system. Dont miss the hostgator review which i have written as i am using them for nearly 7+ years 🙂 Hostgator India Review.

You get,

  • Unlimited Web Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Unlimited Databases and so on

Hostgator India Coupon

Still, the service works excellent for many across the world. One of my favorite hosting too 🙂 Many of my clients websites hosted with hostgator and so far 100% positive feedback is what all i got when it comes to hosting quality and support.

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  1. Hostgator India has got the worst support team i have even seen.. my god i cant belive they can just close your chat, just like that if they dont like you.. i was on their chat system for about 20 mins, trying to resolve my billing issue.. when the support guys were not able to understand the issue, i was trying to explain them step by step, point by point..

    now this support guy sachin probably dont like me, so out of blue he closes my chat, updating the comment in their support system as “Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.”

    Have a look at the time fields below, it was less than 1 minute back i have replied, infact it was less than 30 secs.. but they still close the live chat session giving that damn reason..

    I choose hostgator India only by looking at their Global support, but this Indian hostgator support team is the worst support team i ever seen..

    I would strongly recommend not to choose Hostgator India. i am myself looking for another host from India and will migrate to new host for 100% sure this week..

    last few lines of my chat history HostGator India
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: out of this total Rs.3820.24, you have charged my paypal account a partial amount of Rs.1241.06 with transaction id: 8K033850H74557647
    (11:00 am) [Neel]: the balance of Rs.2579.18 i have paid with debit card with transaction id: 8383611
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] this is the only amount we have received fro your account. : : Rs.3820.24
    (11:01 am) [Sachin W.] so we will check with billing department and update you accordingly.
    (11:01 am) [System] Chat session closed due to lack of network response from Neel after 300 seconds.

  2. i use hostgator dedicated server but not satisfied because hostgator services is very bed so please i am tired with hostgator so please not use hostgator. Hostgator agent is say’s next time no problem but next one or two day same problem created. i am feel discounting.

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