HOW TO: Get Ready to Create Apps for Google Glass ?

Google has released developer only Google Glass couple of weeks ago and most of the developers who got a chance to wear one already started posting pictures and video clips taken using their Google Glass in Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Before starting with how to get ready to create apps for google glass, let me cover some recent happenings after google glass developer edition launch. It is really fun to watch how Glass feels when some one wear it in their every day life. The Tech pundit Robert Scoble has got his google glass and after using it for a week, he said “I will Never Live another day without a wearable computer on my Face”. He really liked the way Google Glass works and want to do more with it.


The only way to do more with Google Glass is to build more apps. Its not just about any app, its about quality apps that can use the full potential of the Glass by letting its users to do more in terms of Productivity, Entertainment and so on. Here we have a video where Robert Scoble Demonstrates Google Glass in TNW Conference.


In June 2012, Project Glass Team stunned the Google I/O participants and world audience with their demonstration. Sergey Brin has demonstrated the Google Glass with Athletes, Sky Diving and Mountain Biking professionals. He also shared his experience from the Glass view, and they all connected using Google Hangout. You can check out the video here.


Lets talk about Creating Apps for Google Glass, the guides, references and other resources that we currently have and like to suggest to you to start with the development. I will also make sure to update this article whenever i come across some new and useful resources relevant to this article.

Facebook, Twitter App for Google Glass

Third party app developers have recently launched two social networking apps for google glass users. Currently the developers who own Google Glass can only experiment this two social networking apps.

Glass to Facebook: It is now possible to post status update and pictures to facebook straight from Google Glass using this simple App. All you have to do is visit the linked page and allow access from your Google Account and then Allow Permission with the facebook app “Glass to Facebook“. You will then be able to share updates and photos taken on Google Glass straight to your Facebook account.


GlassTweet: Now this glass app allows you to post your status updates and photos directly to Twitter. The default limitation of posting your photos to Google Plus is not there anymore. You can update your twitter profile from your Google Glass. Techcrunch article about GlassTweet can show you how quick and easy it is now.

Google Mirror API: Guidelines

This is a must watch video to understand about Google Glass Apps to make it User Friendly and Successful. Google Glass Overview and how people interact with google glass available in the Developers section will give you better idea with your development.


Google Mirror API lets you build web based services called Glassware, that interact with Google Glass. Glassware provides full functionality over a cloud based API which means, it is not present in the Glass and need to access it only through online. In google mirror api overview, you will see 5 important points and they are,

1. Managing Timeline Cards

2. Interacting with Menu Items

3. Subscribing to Timeline Notifications

4. Sharing to Contacts

5. Working with User Location

Google Glass Developer Guide for specific points mentioned above will help you understand it much better to get ready with your app development. Each part also includes the required Reference Documentation and UI Guidelines which are very essential as well. In order to build a successful google glass app, it is very important to read all those guides and understand how this glass app development is entirely different than others. Idea behind the glass is very simple and the target is also to keep things simple and clear.

Google Glass Developer Guides


Google currently has no plans to allow Glass App developers to monetize their Apps. Researches do believe that Google may allow this in future as it will give good chance for more developers to jump in and focus on bringing quality apps to change the google glass user experience way better than now. That is what google also wanted and there are also chances that google may let developers make money through its own advertisement monetizing programs.

As we know that Google Glass App Development is different from regular mobile app development, here are the Developer Guides and Glassware Quick start Guide to get you started with the glass app development.

  • Learn What Google Glass is About
  • Understand How the API Works
  • Ensure the Best User experience

The Glass References can also help you to understand better about Timeline, Cards, Attachments, Subscriptions, Locations and Contacts. Finally we have the Google Glass Developer Playground to let you experiment with how content is displayed on Glass. Google has also setup a community to discuss about development and ideas to best use the Google Mirror API. Bug Tracking and Problem solving can be done through this support communities. Stackoverflow, Github are the two communities and google glass issue tracker also setup to easily search and identify the status of issues already created.

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