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After Apple came with a tablet device called iPad, many other companies started developing their own tablet devices. By that time Android Smartphones become so popular among people so most of the tablet devices came with Android operating system. Today 90% of the tablet devices were manufactured under Android platform. Android is a linux based operating system designed for touch screen Smartphones and tablets. Google acquired Android by 2005 and released it as an open source under Apache License. So today we have plenty of Android tablets available on the market.


So today we are going to discuss about an android application called Chameleon Launcher which completely customizes your tablet’s home screen. This application is a project from a famous platform called Kick Starter which helps in fund raising for innovative project ideas. This app developer has estimated $30,000 for this project but he has received around $60,000 and this app is approved for Android tablets and is now available for download. Let’s see how to customize your tablet’s home screen with this application.

HOW TO: Customize Android Tablet Home Screen ?

You can download Chameleon Launcher from Google Play. This is the first application available for Android tablets to customize the home screen. Chameleon is a tablet specific launcher where you can customize the widgets and applications on the home screen according to the size of the tablet. Because today in market we have different size of Android tablets so you can easily drag and drop widgets as you wish.


You can create multiple home screens each with your own personalized widgets and apps. Also one of the important feature is they have included iPhone style dock to the home screen of your tablet and they call it Mini App Tray. You can have separate mini app tray on the each home screen you create on your android tablet. Also the entire app is an intelligent system which will suggest you the most used apps and functions as widgets on your home screen while you setup.


The widgets on the home screen will use your GPS, WiFi and GPRS to update the information. For example, if you are having a weather widget on the home screen every time you refresh the home screen you can see updated weather information. So you can configure Email, Facebook and Twitter accounts in widgets to see the real time updates instantly. Also there are custom widgets for calendar, clock, Facebook, RSS, etc., you can try that too on your tablet’s home screen. Don’t use more number of widgets on the home screen which use GPS or WiFi because it will drain your tablet’s battery quickly. You can watch the video to understand better about the Chameleon launcher app.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”350″][/youtube]

The overall concept and the function of the app is amazing. You can surely try this on your Android tablet for the new home screen look. Price of this application comes around $10 and it’s worth buying for your tablet. Try this application on your tablet and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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