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NSA, CIA and every Government in the world wants to see what messages, photos you share with your friends, what websites you visit and all your internet activity data. If you are tired hearing this news again and again and worried about your privacy, then you should avoid using any commercial softwares and systems. Also there are very less chances of not being monitored and i always like the saying “There is no such thing called Anonymity in Internet.” Well that’s true in today’s scenario. You may think you are anonymous and completely in stealth mode, but when you are connected to Internet it just dont work the way you think.


Worlds popular San Fransico based BitTorrent company has just released an Instant Messenger called “Bleep” which is a decentralized peer to peer voice and text communications platform that offers end to end encryption as well. This ensures your Text Messages, Voice Calls and Messages are completely encrypted and not readable by your ISPs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) offer better anonymity still many VPN providers dont promise about deleting the metadata and usage activity from their Servers. So whatever you do after connecting to their VPN servers will be saved as a record for future purposes. iPhone, iPad and Smartphone users also use VPN services these days to avail certain web apps (movies, music etc.,) access outside their country.

When you chat with your friends and family using Skype, Google Hangouts and any other Instant Messenger Softwares, the data is shared as a plain text, non encrypted, and totally accessible by anyone who can listen your network connection. To prevent such privacy issues and offer strong anonymity BitTorrent Bleep Chat service will let you send messages to your friends in a completely decentralized mode.

In a recent blog post Jaehee Lee, Senior Product Manager mentioned that “We Never see your Messages or Metadata“.

They promise best security and anonymity when users chat through their online chat application Bleep. The Project head Farid Fadaie gives us more idea about how this chat application has built to provide such security. Bleep uses peer to peer communication platform which was built on a fully distributed session initiation protocol server engine (SIP). He also promises that the platform is constantly under development and more enhancements will come to its chat and voice messaging service for greater user experience.


There is no way the data is stored in the servers even temporarily hence you can try this online chat service from BitTorrent without any worries about being recorded or monitored.

How to Signup for Bleep by BitTorrent ?

Well the signup process is simple but currently limited to “Invite Only” mode. Once its publicly available for all world wide users will be able to register with their Email Address, Phone Number also as Unlisted to hide their identity completely. Once you are inside Bleep, you can invite your friend to start Messaging or you can initiate a voice call.

Bleep Instant Messenger from BitTorrent also allows you to import your Google Contacts addresses to make the inviting easier and migrate all your GMail chats to Bleep Messaging instantly. After Edward Snowden’s alarming interviews people who care about privacy in Internet started to avoid using public chat rooms, non encrypted messaging services, websites and applications that record and send data to U.S Government agencies and servers.

What are your favorite web services and applications that you use in your computer to protect your Internet life ? Share some of them with us in the comment box below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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