How to Download a Website For Offline Viewing ?

Most of us  start to live in the world of INTERNET so as almost all the solutions are available here. But the only trouble is we staying online all the time, that really becomes complicated. This is the moment i got a question in my mind, how can we take it offline ? Here are some programs that allow the users to download whole web site and store it  in  their local drives, and finally helps the user to view them offline with your web browsers.


Downloading a website for offline viewing saves you time and internet bandwidth. If you have some reference material online then you may need to download the entire webpage with images, texts without loosing the format it is presented online. That is when we search for website downloader software.

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How to Download a Website for Offline Viewing ?

Back Street Browser:

This is one among the best  offline web site downloaders , a free utility it can download all maximum links. some main features of this utility are  it can able to download all kinds of scripting pages like HTML,PHP,JAVA APPLETS.


This is the  other popular tool that do same thing as Backstreet Browser. But HTTracker is  available for both Windows and Linux also its open source, this freeware use Web Crawler to download web pages and the main drawback is some pages may not be download  due to robot.txt protocol, it supports scripting pages like JavaScript inside Applets or Flash but not complex links can do it here. You can download  this free-ware.

FeedReader: (

FeedReader3 is most efficient tool to download selected articles or entire blog for offline reading. FeedReader3 have some cool features that is Advance filtering ,fully customizable , Maximum flexibility , even non-tech users can use this FeedReader, also you can add tags to articles.


Newstouch is a best  offline reader for  mobile phones this helps to download RSS feeds of your favorite News,Blogs,Photos ,Stocks on users phones . This is carried out by using remote server to process and compress users feeds and photos before sending to user,this is available for BlackBerry, Nokia and  Motorola mobile phones.

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