HOW TO: Save Android SMS Automatically To Gmail

Previously I wrote about taking entire backup of your android phone. Now I’m here with an another interesting topic to backup the sms to gmail automatically from your android phone. When your phone doesn’t have enough memory to store messages you can follow this tutorial to backup all your sms to gmail. It will backup the messages to Gmail at the moment it reaches your mobile phone. Here are the steps to backup SMS in your gmail account.

Save Android SMS to Gmail

1. Go to Android Market and search for SMS Backup+. Also you can download from here.

2. After downloading the app from android market, install the app in your android phone.

3. After installation go to menu and tap the sms backup+ icon to enter into it.

4. Initially you need to enter your gmail account and password. Also you can schedule SMS Backup regularly at a particular time.

sms-backup+ screenshot

5. The application not only supports for SMS but also to your MMS and call logs.

6. You can restore the SMS and Call Logs back to phone from your gmail account (MMS cannot be restored).

7. It will automatically create a label named “SMS” in your gmail account and stores your SMS automatically.

7. The app is similar to auto backup options available for PC like drop box, sky drive, etc.

Note: You need to enable IMAP (mail settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Enable IMAP) in your gmail account. For any issues with the application you can visit the developer’s site to clarify it.

SMS Messages to Gmail

Thanks for reading. Hope you have an idea about to backup your SMS, MMS, and Call logs. This will be helpful to you when you missed an important SMS or a Call log from your mobile phone. If you have any suggestions or doubts about this article please let me know in the comment box.

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