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Facebook FriendCaster Android App and Download

Facebook users would have faced lot of trouble in using their favorite social media application in Android devices. Many would have felt that its not an enjoyable experience in using Facebook for Android app which is a bit lags in usage. Also it don’t carry a full fledged Facebook using experience in the Android device.

Facebook FriendCaster is a newly available Android application which assures in giving you a complete Facebook experience even for tagging your friends in pictures. Also you can Upload albums, get notifications on friend’s birthday, email alerts to gmail, share links from web etc.,

Interesting Features of FriendCaster

To start with the coolest features of this application, most of the facebook application for Android don’t support in tagging the pics and uploading the video’s, also they never make the notifications handy with some time to refresh the updates. All these loopholes are completely wiped out in this version and here you can enjoy using the Facebook experience as you do a personal computer.

Download FriendCaster

Video :

You can upload videos from your android device into Facebook using FriendCaster. Allows you to upload multiple video’s at a time from your gallery into Facebook.


Similar to video you can upload multiple pictures at the same time you can also tag the pictures from your mobile. The application allows you to see the pictures your friends tagged in. You can post picture to your group or page and tag the members from the group alone on it. Easy View and Tag is another important feature of this application.

Friends :

If you think you are moving a distance from your facebook friends using Android then this application will surely break that thing. You can get all the notification from your friend list even their birthday alerts. Starting from their recent post to older post in and around ten days can be easily viewed using FriendCaster. You can also untag the pics your friends have added you on.

Posts :

You can customize the privacy settings on each post you share from your Android device.  Like the comments from your friends and view the number of likes for your post, Re-share the popular posts from your friends, also you can add new friends through requests using this application.

Security :

It got very secured using Enforced SSL encryption. Pull option for refreshing the page just like iPhone users do for their facebook application. A very supportive action bar User Interface will guide you through all features inside the application.


Download Friendcaster using QR Code

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed reading my Android App suggestion. Please do leave a comment below if you have any query and share this article with your friends across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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