HOW TO: Use Android Phone As Modem

Using your android mobile as a modem for your laptop or any other device is called tethering. Tethering can be done in most of the smartphones and it will be helpful when you don’t have your modem with you when you are not in home. Android mobiles are also not an exception for that. Before starting with the guide, i like to recommend you another article “How to Root your Android Mobile Phone” to make sure your android phone rooting has been done.

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WiFi Tethering for Root users

Android WiFi Tether is an app used in transforming your android phone as modem in root enabled mobiles. In linux you all know that root user have all the privileges in modifying the system files and everything. Similar to linux, android too have the root user access in order to modify the system functionality. So before tethering you need to root your android mobile.


Steps to convert android as modem

1. After rooting your android mobile install the android wifi tether app. You can download the app from here.

2. In the downloading site you will find the specific app for your mobile phone also you will find the status of the app whether it is stable or not.

3. After installing the app use your mobile as modem from WiFi or Bluetooth.

4. The app you install supports 2G/3G/4G for the root enable mobiles.

5. If your android phone is not available on the list then you need to go for the second method which I described below.

6. Here the video to explain the process of tethering your android mobile using .

[youtube width=”550″ height=”350″][/youtube]

WiFi Tethering for non-root users

If you don’t want to root your android phone and immediately need to tether your android mobile go for proxoid. It is an android app which helps in tethering your android phone also no rooting required. Proxoid acts as a HTTP proxy and turns your android mobile into a proxy server which is helpful in making internet requests from your computer. You need android sdk to use proxoid in your system also you need to configure your browser settings in accordance with proxy address.


How to Use Android Phone as Modem ?

1. First you need to install proxoid in your android mobile. You can download the app from android market

2. Then tap the button to start the proxy server from your mobile phone.

3. If you are using Mac OS X enter the command in terminal or if you are an windows user run the batch file to use the proxy.

4. Then set the same proxy address in your web browser to use internet.

5. You need Android SDK if you end up with any configuration issues in your operating system.

Note: In my point of view it is preferable to tether your android mobile from the root user mode and follow the first method. The process is very simple and less risky. You can try the second method too if you need to explore your android mobile. Its quite complex and involves some more risk as compared to the first one. So its your choice to decide which one is your cup of tea.

In some of the android mobiles you can find the WiFi hotspot app is available inbuilt and you don’t need root user privilege to convert your phone as modem. So check in android market or check with Google that your phone is compatible with those kind of simple apps. If it is then you can go for such simple apps or else you need to follow the above said methods.

Thanks for reading. Hope my article helps you here after in using your android mobile as a modem. Feel free to post your doubts and suggestions about my article in the comment box.

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