HOW TO: Opt Out Google Plus Profile Photos use on Android ?

Facebook has removed its Privacy settings last month that makes it easy for any one to search for your profile in Facebook graph search. And Google also announced that it will start using Google+ profile photos in Advertisements. This may be an embarrassing for many and Google made an announcement about this in its endorsement settings. Google Android Kitkat 4.4 flavored Nexus 5 started to ship for people who pre ordered during the end of October. Yesterday they made an announcement that in upcoming android update (early 2014) google will start using Google+ profile photo as a caller identity and this feature will only be available in Android phones running Kitkat.


Android Kitkat has got some nice feature additions and some existing apps were replaced with more integration to couple of google services. For example, message box merged with google hangout feature and phone dialer as got yellow pages for easy searching for Restaurants and other services.

How to Opt Out Google+ Profile Photos use on Android ?

Social networking sites are making the user profile details more open and publicly available which increases the privacy risk. It is must to spend some time in learning how to protect their privacy online and what information about them are made available. You should try doing a check yourself once in a while to ensure safe internet experience. Alright lets see how to remove or opt out from Google+ Profile picture use in upcoming android kitkat update.

Step 1: Go to Google+ Settings page.

Step 2: scroll down and locate “Profile” section. Uncheck “Help others discover my profile in search results” box. This will turn off profile discovery feature in Google plus.


Step 3: It will automatically save the changes and then you close the page.

That is all. You have successfully opted out from Google+ Profile picture use on Android mobile phones in upcoming kitkat update. Many will find this uncomfortable, displaying their photo in some ones phone who they never talked or met before. We just dont call only the people we know all the time, and more chances for unwanted calls and messages.

There is nothing called 100 percent security, which i read somewhere long ago. Google collects every single bits of data about an internet user to serve advertisements better and increase the conversions for advertisers. Multiple cameras spying on you in Internet to monitor and collect any sort of information about you and used for analytics and various other purposes by Software Giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and so on.

Whatever the case, we should be really careful with what we update in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites. Its not just about your browsing activity. Its more than that and some day you will freak out to see all those information in one document.

I hope this how to opt out from Google Plus profile photos use on android helped you. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and followers across social networking sites to alert them and make the necessary changes to protect their privacy online. Have a safe and productive day.

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