Quick Launch: New Lock Screen and iPhone Style Notifications on Android

Many Android fans and other people criticize iPhone because of its price and the restriction for Tweaks. Even though people criticize about it, we can see obsession in some people to own an iPhone. It is because of its User Interface and the unique style of Design. Apple may reinvented by copying some old designs, but hey, they are pretty successful when it comes to Design, and that’s the reason many Brands never stop and loves to copy Apple design in their Devices and Software UI. That’s why many developers started creating applications to change the Android’s User Interface similar to the iPhone. Today we have plenty of iPhone style applications, widgets and themes available for Android.


Quick Launch is one such application for Android which will replace your old android lock screen with a new interface. Once you install the app on your Android phone, you will get a ring style lock screen with a search bar in it. You may think how this gonna get you iPhone style notifications and widgets on your Android phone. This Quick Launch app is completely customizable and you can easily add more features to your Android lock screen. Let’s see how to customize your lock screen using Quick Launch app.

HOW TO Use Quick Launch App on Android ?

You can download Quick Launch from Google Play for free. It is one of the best applications for Android which brings your favorite Widgets and notifications on the lock screen. One of the main disadvantage in Android is, most of the lower end model phones and old Android phones won’t support the new version of Android. So if your phone is in older versions like Froyo (Ver. 2.2) or Ginger Bread (Ver. 2.3), this Quick Launch app will give you an ICS (Ver. 4.0)  style lock screen to your Android phone. Apart from new style and look, it will make your favorite applications and options handy.


iPhone Lock Screen design is very simple to use. It also got many features like Controlling Music, Accessing Camera, Notifications, Swipe to Unlock, and so on. The Quick Launcher app will bring all these features on your Android’s home screen. Apart from all of these above mentioned features, there is an option to access your favorite apps from the home screen. Even though there are plenty of applications installed on your Android phone, you will use very few applications frequently. You can bring those apps to your home screen and create quick access to them. This lock screen app will not remove the pattern lock from your Android phone. So your mobile phone security will not be affected at any cost.


Widgets are one of the unique applications available for Android platform. There are tons of Widgets available for Weather, Chat, Music, etc., Using quick launch you can bring two or three Widgets to your lock screen. This will give an easy access and unique look to your lock screen. The next important feature of the Quick Launch app is you can see the notifications right from your lock screen. Similar to iPhone you will receive notifications about missed calls, messages, Facebook and Twitter updates, etc. on your lock screen.


If you own an Android Tablet you can purchase an app called Chameleon Launcher, which is more powerful than Quick launcher and has plenty of options to tweak your tablet’s lock screen. Thanks for reading and try this Quick Launcher app on your Android phone and share your experience with us in the comment box. Have a wonderful day with worlds one of the best open source mobile operating system.

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