HOW TO: Install and Use Flipboard on Android Mobile ?

Flipboard, one of the best magazine reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is now here for Android mobiles. Flipboard is suppose to be available only for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S III model but the XDA Developer forum got it published to download for any Android mobiles. You cannot find Flipboard on Google Play or Android market officially for the next few months atleast. The Flipboard.apk file download is here and all you have to do is, just access the file via android mobile, and it will be installed.

Download Flipboard for Android

There is no complex procedure or steps to follow in order to install Flipboard on any android mobile. All you got to do is, upload the file as an attachment in your email, then download and view the attachment on your Android mobile. That is all it takes to begin with the installation of one amazing and all time favorite Free magazine app. You may also use Dropbox or any other file upload service to download and install flipboard on android mobile.

flipboard android

Flipboard is special and stands out from the crowd when we compare with other available magazine readers. The UI and Design makes it so special and it initiated further to see more magazine apps for iOS and Android platform.

Facebook and Twitter integration is seamless and you can share the articles in 2 easy taps on the screen, that you found interesting and like to recommend to your friends and followers to read. Now you dont have to look for Flipboard android alternative app in the internet as you can use it right away on your smartphone. Start Flipping today and if you like to check out some famous magazine apps for smartphone and tablets, then do read Best eReaders for Android Tablets.

Flipboard on Android

Magazine Readers are the best to save paper and trees very much. I would say, the step taken by Flipboard to bring the app to android devices is too late. They should have considered to bring it to android mobile phones and tablets long back as there are thousands of users searching every day to get it on their android device. There is no doubt, that they are the best and first, still we have so many alternatives and people always look instantly for such apps and use them every day.

I start my day with Flipboard in my iPad and when i am not in home, i use Flipboard in my iPhone. It combines the best sites that we have to read in its category, also lets us to add our favorite sites RSS Feeds into the Flipboard magazine interface. You can enjoy reading the contents of your blog or website in the flipboard using this RSS feature.

Share the articles that you like with what you have on your mind to say as Flipboard social feature lets you share it with two famous social media sites, Facebook and Twitter. You will like it without a doubt when you use it for the first time. Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and followers across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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