What is Pinterest and How to Use it ?

Pinterest is a new service that lets you Pin the contents that you find interesting on the web or you can upload your pictures, videos and pin it to let people discover and pin it (share it) to their Board. Pinterest users will have their own Pinboard to pin the interesting contents they find across pinterest.com, web and they capture on their camera.

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Is Pinterest Designed for Me ?

Pinterest will surely be useful for many, because it just organizes the contents really that good. Incase, if you plan for a wedding, then pinterest will let you search for pins that is relevant to wedding and things you got to add for wedding. You do a web search for wedding cake designs and pin them right on your Pinboard.


In this way you can pin so many required things for the wedding and when you look at your board to start the physical work, the board will give you a complete easy access to all the shops you have selected to go for and type of costumes, cakes, decorators and so on.

Pinterest is Really Really HOT !

Lets see some quick highlights of Pinterest and let me show in what ways i called it really HOT one 😉

  • Like and Share the Pins that you find Interesting.
  • Comment about the Pins on your Friends Pinboards.
  • Now you can Plan a Wedding, Redocorate your Home, Find your Style, Save your Inspirations, Recipes and lot more to do

Its really an easy way to organize and share the great things that we find on the web. While using it for the first time, you will feel like confused. But after few times then pinterest will become so friendly to you and i believe that they still needs some workout to be done with the UI for newly registered users. May be a little wallkthrough kind of thing can help with some video demonstrations on the page itself about how to use Pinterest and Some tips will be great too 🙂


Though we have so many planners, online services to plan things, when it comes to Organizing, then it becomes night mare at certain stage. That is where the developers of Pinterest thought about Pinboards as a smart way to eliminate that organizing part, where you can create different boards for organizing your pins.

Pinterest App for iPhone

You can download pinterest app for iPhone from App store and pin the pages on your folder on the go. Get Pinterest on iPhone.

Follow Me on Pinterest

How to Start with Pinterest ?

It is must and important to go through the Etiquette that you got to follow while using pinterest to make the process easy at both sides. Read it here.

Pinterest Invite

Pinterest is currently in Invite based access, and you got to request an invitation just by visiting the official website.

Thanks for reading and please do share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let more users find it Pinteresting. Dont forget to PIN this post once you got access.

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