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facebook dealsFacebook Deals is all about letting your friends know about check-in deals you have made in your day to day life. This helps your facebook friends also to know about some interesting deals you have enjoyed while shopping. Facebook Check-in Deals is a great way to find the best deals available in your near by location. This is another great way for business users to let their fans know about the upcoming and current deals on the store.

Facebook Deals

Though it appears like a Foursquare clone, Facebook users may find this tool useful. We have to wait for a month time to see the traffic statistics of Foursquare to understand, how much this new feature affected FS.

Facebook Deals is yet to be launched in many countries. Currently facebook has launched facebook deals for very limited countries. No doubt that facebook deals is going to be another successful feature as it get enabled to 600 million + users.

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When you do check-ins using Facebook Places feature available in iPhone, Android Mobiles and Windows 7 phone, then your facebook friends will be notified instantly.

Business People can now expand their business by this great feature at ZERO upfront costs. Facebook gets the payment when a deal is successful between the seller and buyer.

Facebook Check-In Deals FAQ

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