Facebook Group-Buying Prototype Launched

Facebook launches group buying prototype as a new feature, which is currently under testing. “Buy with friends“, allows customers to get discounts on virtual goods purchased by their friends. We all know the Facebook’s currencyFacebook Credits“. Here the user can purchase any virtual goods from their friends using the facebook credits and the same gets updated in his / her newsfeed. This will let their friends to choose the same product and purchase it under discount price from the same seller.

Ebook Sellers, Freelancers and so many virtual goods suppliers can be benefited from this upcoming feature of facebook. Facebook is everywhere, and this feature makes it so much productive from just being a social networking tool to say “Hi…Hello…” and “i am going to a shopping mall..“.

Soon, this feature can be expanded to supply physical goods as well. Where shop owners (retailers) can setup their own shops (similar to ebay shops) to display their products and drive good number of sales from one of the heavy traffic area.

Similar group buying offers are recently famous around Groupon and Livingsocial. Facebook’s this new feature will however gonna be a big step towards eshopping.

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  1. I have not tried this, but sounds like a really good option to sell on Facebook as this social site has so much visitors and members. Group shopping should be a great hit!

  2. Facebook needs to keep finding streams of revenue. Eventually the fad will wear off just like myspace. They’ll need to keep the money coming in, server farms aren’t cheap.

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