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In Facebook we had always wanted to share few things with just a few people or a closed group. Now Facebook has made it simple and interactive to share status, photos, links with your close buddies. All the profiles get an exclusive button called “Create Group” on the left hand side. Clicking on which you can assign a funky icon to your group based on the nature of the group like Classmates, Family or Girlfriends :P.You can add member to that group directly and you are done. The new Groups looks like thisDailytut Facebook Groups

1. Group Name displayed with the type as either ‘closed’ or ‘open’ group

2. Share | Post |  Link | Photo | Video and even Documents (Just try sharing one!)

3..Member of the group are displayed on the right top

4. You can perform a group chat with your group friends

5. The activities of your group is displayed as a regular news feed

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

I hope you found this one useful. Please do leave a comment if you like this article. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Hi Robin! First time stumble on your blog today. Nice blog & eye catching layout. About New facebook Group, even the ideas is good but its open to abused by spammers. Last few days my email flooded with facebook group notification as those in our list can automatically add us in their group. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Rammesh,

      Thanks for dropping by. And i have not yet started using the new facebook group as my old groups are going active. Spammers are big concerns every where.. and facebook is not an exception as it already the best place to get 500 million plus active users.

      Also, thanks and i am glad you like the layout of dailytut 🙂



  2. Hi Robin, This is one of the best feature from Facebook. They already have the Fan page option but chatting and texting with a closed group will allow most people to create a community for their brand or blog or website or anything. Anyways, thanks for sharing this news

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