Facebook Live Video Channel has Launched

The social networking giant launches the live video channel to broadcast interviews and events live from Facebook Head Quarters. Not just that, facebook live video channel application also broadcasts celebrity interviews, Facebook Events, Product or new service launch, Conferences and so on. Ustream, Livestream and Mogulus are dedicated video streaming sites and this new facebook application is something unique and different from those video streaming services.

You may embed this app in your facebook profile page, you may update your facebook status with the help of stream box attacked to it and sharing the live feeds with your friends about the interviews or video that currently being played.

Facebook’s all new question and answer service also integrated with this application to let the user post their questions and get answers either from the facebook team or from other fellow audiences.

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  1. Call me old fashioned, but I would not like to have all the websites combined into a single one(Facebook). Great way to abuse your privacy and all…

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