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Facebook has become one of the essential application that we use everyday in our computer and mobile devices as well. People who use facebook much, love to do more with their profile always. Tweaking profile everyday to make it look new for their social networking friends and keep on changing the facebook profile picture and so on. There is also an option to add a facebook profile video than a boring picture always. Yes, now you can add a profile video by shooting it in your mobile phone or cam and simply upload them.

This is of course works only for users who have a plugin installed in their web browser. FlipSG offers this great service for facebook users to transform their profile picture as a profile video with very simple steps.

The app was built by Cisco and DDB Singapore as a way of promoting the former’s line of Flip video cameras.

Before start using the FlipSG, you should remember,
  • Profile video enabled via FlipSG will only be viewable on fellow users computer, who have FlipSG plugin installed in their browser. If they dont have the plugin installed, they will see only your profile picture.
  • Automatic Wall update about FlipSG when you start using it. Thus, its a nice way of promoting the facebook app further faster to your friends and let them try this cool app too. If you feel this will be an annoying advertisement, sorry to say that there is no way to skip this step.
Ready to flip your boring profile picture as a profile video ?
  • Login to your facebook account and visit facebook.com/FlipSG
  • Download the plugin for your browser (safari, google chrome, firefox or internet explorer)
  • Restart Your web browser
  • Connect your profile with the FlipSG Facebook App.
  • Record and send video by e-mailing, from your Flip Video cam to [email protected], or by using the Profile Maker to shoot a video using your webcam or to upload an existing video (less than 10MB, .flv, .mp4, h.264 only).

Note: If you are using iPhone to shoot your video, then use converters like Getmiro or iPodME.

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