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[ALERT] Lady Gaga Edition iPad Giveaway Facebook Spam

The title claims to giveaway Free Lady Gaga Edition iPad for all participants, but actually a spam that got posted in the official facebook fan page of lady gaga. Seems like the official fan page of lady gaga got compromised. The link will take you to a blog hosted on Blogspot (lxxxxxxxxxxd . blogspot . com) and asks you to click the link. It is totally unsafe to click on the link in such unofficial websites as it may download a malware to your computer.

ipad giveaway

In 5 minutes time the post got nearly 3000+ facebook likes and neraly 500 comments. Alert your friends and make sure not clicking on such links. There are 45 million fans in facebook for lady gaga, and this hijack may surely be a trouble to her fans of lady gaga who love to like and comment on the updates quickly.

Share this post and alert your friends as well.

Update: The Status Update has been removed and the fan page is back to normal now.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I’ve never clicked on spam, unfortunately I was caught off guard and opened the link, not really sure what it has done to my computer though, it seems to be working fine. 

      1. Norton Internet Security, I ran a full system scan straight after and it fixed 7 threats but to be sure I also ran Norton Power Eraser and it said that no risks were found. I also entered my address along with a fake DOB
         I didn’t go any further when it asked me to answer some questions, will anything happen?

        1. Hi Haz, Just give a look at the 7 threats that antivirus have highlighted. Whether any malware threats included. Just try to run a quick scan once or twice a day and monitor your system behavior often. Internet Slow Speed issues, Application Accessing Delay are some possible scenarios that can help us to know the infection.

          Also try to not open any windows after restarting your computer and open command prompt then type “netstat” to see any outgoing connections from your computer to remote ip address (foreign address). That will really helpful in many Trojan case. As you have not download any app this might not required, still giving out a check is always good as you have got some threats removed recently.

          If there are any ip address displayed in the cmd prompt, then give whois.ws/ to get an idea about the remote system status. Because some times antivirus or any other legal application may try to connect to remote update server from your system. So this helps to figure out the infection status.

          Thanks and Cheers.


          1. Thank you very much for your help. I have restored my laptop to its factory settings, will that have gotten rid of any malware threats?

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