Google Launches Schemer to Challenge Foursquare

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Google Schemer lets users to create, share and do schemes. A Scheme is any activity in the world, like ordering a favorite dish at a restaurant or snorkeling in the caribbean with sharks, is what Google says about Schemer. Google Schemer will be a separate app and will be integrated with Google+ to let users do check-in easily. This service and app will surely be a great service for Google+ users.

Google Schemer Walkthrough

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

The video introduction about Google Schemer is quite different that Google Engineers have come up with. You will also find an interesting info in the about this project.


When you read “About the Team” info it says, “We started out as a scrappy team of Google engineers who wanted to help people do fun stuff in the real world. So we went ahead and built Schemer! We hope you like it.”

– Some of us have mustaches. Most of us don’t.

– We can’t wait to see what you scheme up,

This again creates more eagerness for readers and techies to get a ride as soon as possible with the all new Google Schemer to see whether it really challenges it or not 🙂

Google Schemer Invite

Drop a Comment to Request Google Schemer Invite.

Schemer is right now invite based access which is the usual way to make the service to slowly reach the users. We will start giving away free invites once we received it.

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  1. schemer really going to be a wonderful feature however its something like facebook event type i tried its really kool something new to do timepass 😛 i m having schemer invite  techotalk blog

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