How Google +1 Button Works on Google Plus

Google +1 is the most appealed feature of Google plus which helps most of the readers to choose the hot topic in discussion and also the most recommended articles to read. For instance, in facebook if two of your friends sharing an article on same stream which is about what you were searching for, now the first post from your friend A got liked by 10 people and the other friends post is liked by 100 people. Obviously you will move with the most liked article. Now Google

Google plus

Google Plus Copying Facebook ?

World thinks that the feature added by Google plus in the form of recommendation +1 is a copy of existing Facebook likes. This is totally a crap when Google denied the case and expressed its views on getting a space in Social Network. Google previously launched Google buzz in order to carry the information live but it did’nt buzz well as Google thought. So they introduced Google plus Facebook likes are very essential as it carries 750+ million users around the world and at any cost they may get popularity through it. The way followed by Google plus is quite different and they start promoting the sites on the search itself. So there comes the difference between a Facebook like and Google+1.

Google +1 Vs Facebook Likes

So, How +1 Works ?

Google offers a small transparent button on each and every search results (Login to your Google account here), So now if you really liked the article and want to appreciate the work you can click on it (So it turns blue) and it refers you have recommended it, these sorts of +1’d articles or posts will appear on a new tab in your account which keeps a record of the various things in online.

In this operation you were indirectly saying the world that “Hello everybody, this is really worth reading come and have a look”.

Google +1 and +1’d

How does +1 helps in SEO?

A common users intention is to search in Google and prefer things that is been shared by many or recommended by many. One would chose the product which is highly used by many and reviewed positively by people. Google uses “Panda algorithm Update” to bring the top recommended posts on their first page and help the users with quality articles on their search. So the way, a user searches inside Google will be for highly recommended quality articles and Google keeps them well provided with of those kind. Here Google utilizes the users once again promoting the sites, posts and articles inside the web.

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  1. I use Google Plus and +1 Button from Lebanon. I wonder why Google don’t link Google Plus to Google +1 Button. I mean any link spread in Google Plus and when it gets plus in Google plus.. it is intelligent to have those same plus appearing on Google +1 Button… Hope someone understand what I mean.

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