HOW TO: Make a Video Call in Facebook ?

Facebook Video Calling is not supported on Linux platforms. You may use Facebook video calling using your web browser Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Have a look at the simple how to guide to experience the Facebook Video Calling.

In order to enable and make a free facebook video call to your friend, all you have to do is visit and click on “Get Started“. Then it will prompt you to select the person you like to make a video call through facebook.

How to Make Facebook Video Call ?facebook video calling

Now click on Video Call Button you may see at the top right corner of your friends chat window.

facebook video callingAs this is the first time, video calling has to be setup in your computer by downloading and installing a plugin. This works well with Windows and Mac computers. Facebook video calling is not supported on Linux (UBUNTU) Operating Systems so far. We can expect in near future that facebook developers team brings this awesome feature to let Linux users also do face to face video calling.

facebook video callingYou will get another prompt to download an APPLET from As this is legitimate you may “Allow” the operation.

facebook video callingThis is the final step to setup video calling in facebook.

facebook video callingOnce done, you will see the download progress bar. Let it complete and move to next step.facebook video callingThats it. You will be automatically connected with your friend and enjoy making unlimited free pc to pc calls through your facebook with friends and family.

facebook video callingThis new feature really fixes the gap between friends and family very much. This should have done before Google+ jump into the Social Media battle. Anyhow, enjoy free video calling feature in facebook and do let us know your experience via comments. Happy Facebook-ing.

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