What is Social Media ? [CommonCraft]

Many have still doubted with the new internet terms. If you too have questions in your mind as,

what is world wide web ? [video]

what is social media ? [video]

what is social networking ? [video]

what is twitter ? [video]

what is RSS ? [video]


then continue reading the article to understand each term in just 3 minutes. I was searching about social media in youtube and found some interesting videos that i like to share with you. Before looking at the video about social media, i like to share some info about common craft. Common craft is a small company owned by Lee and Sachi LeFever in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company was founded by Lee in 2003. We started making videos in 2007 with our first video: RSS in Plain English. Since then, we’ve created over 30 videos that have been viewed over 15 million times online. They currently involved in building a library of educational videos that can be licensed for use in classrooms, on Learning Management Systems, Intranets and on websites.


The videos are Free to view and you can purchase them if you thought to use it for commercial purpose.

First, i like the way they explain the content in simple words with picture notations. I hope you will like their 3 minutes tutorials as well. Do leave your comments here to let us know how much you enjoyed the contents.

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