How to Get more Twitter Followers ?

We know that twitter and facebook are doing great in social media for bloggers. For an effective usage of these applications, we need more users, like from twitter we need more followers to follow us. Here is an application named which does the job of increasing your twitter followers and facebook friends as well. It gives us a way to get connect with new people every day and not with bots.

There are websites out there that promises even 100+ twitter followers a day and gives you many bots, which is totally useless. In Twiends, you get only human followers and not even a single bots. So people will read what you share in twitter, and if you share some interesting lines, no doubt you will get retweets.

For that, they introduced an incentive kind of thing like, if you follow some one by using this application you will get seeds from them and vice versa when they follow you. Here you can decide how many seeds you are ready to give for each follow. If, in a moment you may loose all your seeds by giving all to your followers but you are still remain on the list, and that gives a chance of getting more followers and more seeds again 🙂 Sounds interesting isnt it ?.

This is not merely to get followers fast but also to make more twitter friends and increase your community wider. Twiend never suggest people to follow. It just give us an interface to meet people and connect with them only if we find their twitter profile interesting. And all the terms and conditions of twitter are applicable here too. In a situation twitter found any of the account is fake or not abiding the policy then they may terminate the account..

Twiends do have premium account feature to buy more twiends seeds. This ofcourse totally an optional one and if you like to get more followers in short period of time to promote your tweets.

Lets have a look at the tariff of Twiends premium accounts.

1250 seeds for 5 days – $29.95

5000 seeds for 10 days – $99.95

10000 seeds for 15 days – $169.95

20000 seeds for 20 days – $279.95

While using Free account to get more followers remember to read the guidelines. You should not follow above 100 twitter users per day under Free Account, else your account will be suspended from Twiends.

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