Twitter Launches New Design and Features for 7 Billion People

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Twitter gave new look and features addition today and its started to roll out this new design slowly for 7 billion people. Twitter has made some extra feature addition and modification to existing service (mention) as @connect and #discover. Twitter this time focusing on increasing the users and making the existing users experience much better new twitter design 2011

Many feels twitter is quite complicated to use. Hence the recent UI change can pull more crowd to start using Twitter and we must wait to see the progress in coming months.

New Twitter Buttons

Twitter has also updated its buttons graphics to suite well with the all new twitter layout and design.

new twitter buttons

How to Enable New Twitter Design ?

Update: How to activate new Twitter ?

There is no exact way to get the new twitter design immediately. There are some tweets from users who have got new design enabled by installing the #newtwitter on their iOS device (by upadting) it via App Store. The same enables the new twitter design for their account accessed on computer as well. Give a shot and let us know via comments.

We are monitoring the web to get the working way at the earliest. Thanks for reading and please do share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to let your friends and followers know about it.

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