Add an Image when you Tweet your Message in Twitter

Twitter have launched new image adding feature today and its simply rocking to core. When you enter twitter for first time you will be notified with this new feature first. Its all about sharing “What’s happening?” along with it you can add image to it.

This is not just Twitter’s new avatar as they have attempted this thing on earlier June on which you can tag a picture to the post you share. Now its totally different and complete as they give us a button on the stream line where we can easily upload pics.

Earlier Twitter’s photo service is been taken care of some official services like Twitpic and some trustworthy third party applications. Now Twitter have made things very clear for photo sharing inside the same platform to avoid the criticism of using some non trustworthy third party applications and services inside it.

This feature is powered by PhotoBucket as the status link is passed after sharing the picture to your stream. The maximum upload size should carry less than 3MB.

Share an Image on Twitter

Step 1: You can start enjoying the feature just by logging in your twitter account.

Step 2: You will be getting notified about this new feature.

You can find the add image button right down your stream line.

You can check its been passed as link on the stream and the picture is viewed on your profile.

This simple but essential feature may make the twitter experience much simpler and ofcourse, people may stop using Twitpic kind of service here after. Thanks for reading and please do share this news with your friends across facebook, twitter and google+.

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  1. This is not for android @b346bedec9932c4abfcf8e2a75125918:disqus. Twitter have changed their third party servicing scheme and they started providing the service themselves. Thanks for sharing.

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