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Four Unsung Facebook Pages That Can Help Your Organization

Many organizations nowadays turn to social media to gather members and supporters. Creating a Facebook fan page is always a part of the whole social media equation, and the guys at Facebook themselves are more than happy to help marketers engage users to participate in an organization’s cause and campaigns. The social network created pages such as Facebook Marketing Solutions, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Ads specifically for the purpose of helping companies and organizations put themselves out there.

However, there are other profiles and pages in the Facebook realm that can indirectly contribute to growing your fan base, especially if your organization is into giving back to communities or participating in awareness campaigns.

Have someone from your team comment and participate in the conversations on the following Facebook pages, and your organization is bound to catch the attention of prospective fans. Remember, individuals “liked” these pages because they care about a particular cause, and if your organization has something relevant to say, then fans will take notice.

One caveat to keep in mind though, is to only post genuine comments. These pages are should not serve merely as a list of potential fans; rather, they are recommended in order give organizations a chance to reach out to people who share their cause — growing a fan base should only be a by product of this.

It’s best to keep the initial tone of your comments conversational.  Remember that when making contact with the fans of these pages, you are not a recruiter or marketer. You are a fellow participant who happens to care about the same things.

Best of Facebook Stories

Once upon a time, Facebook asked its members to submit inspirational tales on how the social network changed their lives. This page highlights the best and most touching stories that users have submitted. People who are fans of this page are those looking for feel-good moments. If your organization has programs pertaining to simple joys and making people smile, then this page can serve as a good starting point in terms of establishing connections with potential fans.

Non-Profits on Facebook

Yes, there are a lot of causes out there; there’s the environment, animal welfare, world hunger, and so much more. This page looks at causes from a general perspective and gives users an overview of the world of non-profit. Swing by this Facebook page if you have a non-profit organization or if your company is supporting a particular cause. Scan the posts, find that cause that your organization is into, talk to people who left comments, and wait for their replies to come in.

Global Disaster Relief on Facebook

Every now and then, as much as the world hates it, calamity can strike unexpectedly. The positive thing is that a lot of people are more than happy to help during times of disaster. This page is dedicated to just that, and its fans consist mostly of warm-hearted individuals who are willing to share their support. If your organization or company is participating in relief programs for calamity victims, then being active in this page can not only help disaster victims, it could also help you.

Government on Facebook

This page enables government organizations to communicate with the people via Facebook. It streams announcements, events, and questions pertaining to government and political entities, and it receives a wealth of responses from concerned citizens. If your organization is geared towards these types of individuals, then its best to participate in the discussions on this page.

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    1. True. And it’s just as essential to keep that social media presence up, after creating a fan page. Organizations really need to regularly update their social media accounts in order to sustain the engagement of their users and to keep up with other companies/organizations.

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