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Sonar: Best Social Network App For iPhone And Android

After Facebook and Twitter came into existence, the social networking has become a part of people’s life and business. Last week Facebook announced that they have 1 billion registered users and Twitter has around 500 million active users. People are so much interested towards social…


HOW TO: Update Twitter and Facebook Contacts on OS X ?

Due to the growth of Smartphone, maintaining contacts has become a tedious process. It was SIM Card memory that people used the most to store their Phonebook Contacts, and then Mobile phones started to have some good amount of memory capacity that allowed us to…


Flock iPhone App Brings Family and Friends Photos Together

The time when cameras came into existence photos were taken only for memories. Today the trend has completely changed and mostly the photos were take only to share in their social profiles. When cameras used rolls it was limited to 36 photographs but today a…


HOW TO: Search Jobs Using Social Networks ?

Social Networking websites has become a place for Entertainment and Opportunities. The concept of social networking has become very popular by the evolution of Facebook. Right now it is one of the top most social networking websites in the existing ones. Facebook is about to…

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HOW TO: Leverage Social Media for Maximum Exposure ?

Social media is extensive and it has grown to become the latest hub of building organizational network apart from personal and professional networking. Social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are among the leaders which can give your business maximum exposure if planned tactfully….

Manage Emails, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in One Place

Facebook will reach its 1 billion registered users base very soon. Twitter is becoming more popular and Researchers have already said, that Twitter and Facebook are going to the be first medium that will tell the world, if the second coming of Jesus happens in…

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Google Seeking Social Media Signals

Google’s usage of social media signals has affected SEO in a certain way. Search results based on social media information have been given greater importance, and have been moved from the bottom of the search results to the main search results. This implies that if…


Impulse: Google Chrome Shopping Extension to Save Money

Are you a regular online shopper ? Ready to save some Dollars with a simple extension for your Google Chrome browser ? Continue reading to know how easy it is to shop online and save money. Impulse builds a private shopping cart in your computer….