Google Seeking Social Media Signals

Google’s usage of social media signals has affected SEO in a certain way. Search results based on social media information have been given greater importance, and have been moved from the bottom of the search results to the main search results. This implies that if you want to retain competition by ranking high in your search engine results, you need to embrace the idea of creating a strong social presence, if you haven’t done so already.

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How exactly do you do this? Well the first step is to ensure you have accounts built in the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus. Your social profile needs to be detailed and interesting. You should then endeavor to remaining active on the sites, by making regular posts and tweets which will retain some relevancy with the friends, or followers that you have. Creating links between your website and your social page is important. You can do this by placing the social bookmarks on your site, or by creating ads where applicable.

Google Seeking Social media Signals and SEO

Given the new found importance of social networking signals, you should ensure that you generate some, if you want to retain high ranking with Google or other search engines. Also, keep in mind that creating strong social networking signals is just like SEO- it takes time, and requires your patience and commitment.

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SEO is widely understood. It basically means getting your website optimized for top results. It is supposed to increase the ranking that your site has with popular search engines, so that there can be a higher turnaround of the organic traffic you get. The idea is, the more traffic that you get, the greater the chance of you making money, either through the sale of a product, or the sharing of an ad that is subsequently clicked on. SEO has largely been based upon keywords. These phrases are often what visitors use to track the information that they are looking for.

Finding the best keywords to use has been an uphill task but with keyword research tools evolving it has become a lot easier to find the most bankable keywords available.

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The impact that social media has made is undeniable. It has been integrated into our lives, and redefined how communication is made. Their increasing popularity in the internet has affected how some things work. The growth of social media seems to be never-ceasing, considering the users who get attached to the social sites always visit them on a regular basis. Millions upon millions of people use the sites, so it only makes sense that a website, which could have been set up for whatever purpose, needs to dip into this traffic resource, so that it can get its name known. It’s the trend actually, since most websites, which have a high traffic turn around ensure that they have a strong social presence.

The sites are a gateway to getting new traffic, and only recently, they have started playing a role in search engine optimization and this is the reason that Google searching Social media Signals.

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  1. This is not a good idea. Google should focus on making an algo which ranks sites on its quality of posts not how much backlinks the site has or any social media signals.

  2. I recently did a case study by giving 1000 tweets to one of my micro niche sites….and after getting a drop of 20 rankings it got back to page 1 with a better rank! Social Signals are important!

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