HOW TO: Leverage Social Media for Maximum Exposure ?

Social media is extensive and it has grown to become the latest hub of building organizational network apart from personal and professional networking. Social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are among the leaders which can give your business maximum exposure if planned tactfully. It is important to make your voice accessible among this competitive market by careful planning and execution.

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It could be best understood by an example: Just like MySpace or Friendster, which brings groups or individuals closer on the basis of certain mutual interests, there are certain social networks which can bring professionals together. The latest addition to the club is which is yet another excellent example how innovative the social networking market is.

Pinterest, is a new innovative photo curation site where graphics designers, women and big brands spread their news like a virus. Yes, it can bring a flood of targeted traffic. So social media not only helps in giving more brand exposure but also helps in spreading the brand awareness, which in turn can be used to leverage more leads.

Let us View the Different Options:


Among the list of social media tools, LinkedIn enjoys the added advantage not only because it helps you create your individual online identity but it also offers suggestions to link up with other professionals. It gives you the ground to make your group and create a network of your own by letting you know about your friends who are a part of it. It helps in maintaining contacts and developing group connections, which automatically relieves you.


This is a tool to quickly deliver a piece of news or information to a wide base of users. via 140 characters, you can Tweet your messages about your organization and connect instantly. More and more professionals are using it to share information and also advertise their products/services. It is challenging to deliver your data via this medium as you need to be precise and use certain action verbs which would persuade users to act.


This is easily accessible by millions of viewers and you can get quick response from the videos that you upload. This is a platform to broadcast videos on varied subjects and you can gain huge exposure through it. Best part about it is its affordability, which doesn’t make you bankrupt. YouTube has been under utilized by many brands. If optimized properly YouTube not only helps in spreading the news instantly but also helps in SEO.

How to Get There ?

It is basically crucial to create your base before barging in with your business ideas into an online platform. For gaining maximum exposure for your business, you need to:

Be tactful and first take a listen as to what is being demanded in the Social Networking sites. If you find the right moment to campaign, strike a deal, till then just sneak in and hang on.

Participate in the discussions in the social networks that you choose, like Facebook. First build a base of followers and then start talking business. Trust is an important factor as you just have the Internet to sell or market your products.

Know about the Policies

When you are using social networking sites for gaining momentum in your business, remember that it is not devoid of certain threats. There is a possibility of an employee post going viral which can spread rapidly. Copyright Issues, Defamation and Intellectual Property Rights are some of the threats it faces.

Keeping these points in mind, you would be able to successfully use social media for maximum exposure in different fields. Strategizing and targeting your actual audience comes with effective planning and knowledge.

This is the guest post by Ricky Shah who also works on developing various website including one of his own, Genius geeks. Follow his latest addition my tech dream to know more about him

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