Best Apple Wireless Keyboard Alternatives

Apple Wireless keyboard is truly the best wireless keyboard in the world. It gives excellent battery backup and seamless connectivity with iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac mini computers. It is compact and once you familiar with the keyboard and shortcuts, you will never switch to other keyboards. But pricing factor makes people go for Apple Wireless Keyboard Alternatives and connect with their Mac computers.


Whenever and Whatever Apple announces that becomes topic of the month. This just don’t settle up with the official announcements but for Apple rumors too and that’s the brand name Apple carries for itself. The best and ultimate destination for your gadget search is what Steve has foreseen and as per his vision rest is history. Everything is fine and fit only if you pay for it and in case of Apple products which are quite expensive but they were of one time investment which you don’t need to regret apart from spending at the first go.

Still not convinced ? Ok lets move on to the alternatives then which would save your wallet. For those who feel Apple wireless keyboard is quite expensive, can’t switch from normal keyboard to a new platform and looking for something economical, handy and budget friendly. We like to suggest 5 best alternative keyboards for you here.

Apple Wireless Keyboard Alternatives

Logitech has a good collection of keyboards, if you have used one already then you know the quality it delivers and life it gives. I also like to suggest brands other than Logitech, that gives good battery performance and best connectivity via bluetooth to your mac computer.

Logitech K811 Keyboard


Logitech is the best alternative for your Apple wireless keyboard which guarantees many advanced features on an affordable price like Easy-Switch bluetooth technology that helps on single touch toggling to your iDevices, auto adjustment illumination and backlit keys gives you great vision for typing on dark, and moreover this is ultimately slim and compact specially designed for Mac so no worries on portability. Charge via the usb cables and while using the keyboard.

Price: $79.99

Buy Now: Logitech K811 from Amazon

Logitech K750 Keyboard


A perfect design that would save power and drives on solar power. So you don’t need to carry AA batteries or your USB cables anymore to every place. All you need is a lamplight or sunlight to get it charged and work for maximum 3 months after one complete charging. Attractive features like Bluetooth switching technology as its successor, and its modeled complete Eco-friendly manner like free from PVC and unique conclave key design.

Price: $48.94

Buy Now: Logitech K750 from Amazon

Microsoft ARC Keyboard


So this would be revolutionary! And yes you would have never thought of it and anyone does. Using a Microsoft product for Mac is quite mainstream but its possible and most suited for those who are switching from Windows to iOS and feeling quite hard in transformation. Meanwhile Microsoft Arc is quite economical and wallet saver.

Price: $39.85

Buy Now: Microsoft Arc from Amazon

Rapoo Blade Series E9070 Keyboard


Rapoo is quite an amazing piece of design that saves your power big time. After one complete charge this sleek demon works uninterrupted for maximum of 24 months. Ultraslim design of about 5.6mm which is the thinnest model ever, with scissor key structure and stainless steel plate for long durability.

Price: $29.99

Buy Now: Rapoo Blade Series E9070

Das Keyboard


A german engineered mechanical keyboard which is quite expensive as that of Apple wireless keyboard but the major difference is of the hard keys and special Mac function keys so you would be able to experience a Mac keyboard with mechanical ability for hardcore gaming. The keys are of laser edged which prevents fading and helps in fast typing.

Price: $119.99

Buy Now: Das Keyboard from Amazon

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Have you decided your next keyboard from our best apple wireless keyboard alternatives list ? Do let us know in the comment box below which model you have purchased. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Also dont forget to share this post in Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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  1. Logitech K750 seems to be the perfect keyboard for gaming or other uses. The design is super sleek and elegant

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