Is Cloud Storage a Good Idea for Your Business ?

As the way of doing business becomes more and more digitized, businesses have to find ways to store vast volumes of electronic data of all sorts. From taxes to employee and vendor information, storing all the information in-house can be more trouble than it’s worth. One option to avoid all this hassle is to utilize cloud storage services. Technological advancements are making this a more viable option for many, though it may still not be right for every business.


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Why a business should use cloud storage

Capacity – Cloud storage services allow companies to easily expand their available space as the need arises. Today’s business of only five employees and a few clients may need a small amount of space, but when that company grows in a couple of years its storage space can expand with it.

Disaster protection – Saving data to the cloud can protect a business if disaster, either natural or man-made, should strike. Servers can be damaged or stolen and if there is no other backup, that information is just lost. Saving it to a cloud system ensures that information can be quickly and easily retrieved in order to get the company back up and running again as soon as possible. Meanwhile, cloud providers take great pains to make sure their servers are as protected as possible from such events.

Security – Sending personal information about the company or its clients can seem risky, but cloud storage providers take measures to ensure that information stays safe. The best providers encrypt information during transmission as well as during storage.

Employee collaboration – Because the data is stored through the Internet, employees are able to access it through computers, smart phones or tablets as long as they can access the Internet. Files can easily be shared between workers even if vast distances separate them.

Why a business might avoid cloud storage

Sensitive information – Though the cloud servers may be protected from physical theft or damage, and security measures are in place, there’s still the tiny possibility of the information being accessed by an outside source. A business should be cautious with what it decides to back up on a cloud server.

Internet reliability – Cloud storage relies on the Internet so if that connection is lost, so is the data until it can be reestablished. In addition, moving large amounts of data can take long periods of time, especially if bandwidth is limited.

Privacy – Some cloud providers believe the files they store are theirs to do with what they will. This can cause problems for businesses, so it is important to read the terms before signing any agreement.

Cloud storage can be a big advantage for many businesses that need to store large amounts of digital data. Some caution should be used in deciding what will be backed up on the system, and sensitive information should be avoided. Storing in a cloud can improve efficiency as well as provide an easy method of backing up information a company needs to do business.

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