G Cloud Backup Automatic and Free Backup App for Android

G Cloud Backup for Android is one powerful solution to automatically backup your entire device data to the Cloud Storage. Yes, its automatic and an effortless way to backup your complete android device music, movies, pictures, contacts and phone settings to a cloud storage. Restoring the android backup is totally a breeze and can be done in few taps on your mobile screen.

Genie9 G Cloud intelligently and automatically protects and backs up all your android mobile phone data to a secure cloud storage location. The catch is, its absolutely FREE ! you dont have to pay any money to use this free cloud storage for backup purpose from your mobile phone.

gcloud android backup

Android Tablet or Android Smartphone, no more worries about data lost incidents. If your device is stolen or lost and like to replace it with a new device, then you can install G Cloud app for android and installation comes like a breeze in minutes and restoring your backup begins. You can do that simply by connecting your device to any available WiFi network in your Home, Office or Cafe.

G Cloud Backup

This service by Genie9 is absolutely free and fully functional to backup your android device data. Genie9 is famous for their backup software for Windows PC. A very advanced technology way to backup your computer data introduced by Genie9 Timeline Backup for Home and Office software. Now we have a dedicated backup software from genie9 as G Cloud Backup with perfect security measures in place and Cloud Storage integration as well.

To celebrate 10,000 plus downloads, Genie9 G Cloud Backup is now gives you 1 GB of Free Cloud storage when you download and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet. This is valid for very limited time and you must hurry to get it free on your account.

Lets explore few interesting features that shows how Genie9 G Cloud Backup App for Android is the best and why you must download it soon.

Lost or Damaged your Android Device ?

If you lost or the device has been stolen, then you may loose your valuable data. You can afford another android device but not the data that are actually stored in it. Some pictures are impossible to collect back. By using G Cloud on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can restore all the valuable data that automatically taken as backup by G Cloud App, on your new device.

Upgrade your Device

If you want to upgrade your device, then you can delete all your data by factory resetting your old device and install G Cloud app on your new android device to begin with the restoring process. You dont need to follow any complex steps and procedures to get all your old data on your new android smartphone or tablet.

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This is really an ultimate app for android and must have too, that comes as a free solution for backup. You dont have to Root your android device to run this powerful app. G Cloud Thinks on its Own, which proves the intelligence of this great app. It connects to the cloud storage and backup all your data only when WiFi network is available, that means you dont have to worry about bandwidth usage on your Cellular or 3G network.

Never Drains Your Battery

G Cloud never drains your Android mobile phone or Tablet battery.  As i just mentioned, it automatically stores the backup to the cloud storage only when the WiFi network is available, it is also developed with more focus to use less memory space and battery on your android device.

Encryption and Security

G Cloud backup all your call logs, contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music and documents stored on the android device. The complete data is stored on the cloud storage account that is only accessible by you with your login details. The security is Genie9 top priority and they are using AES encrypted servers that stores all your data on the cloud safely and securely. It is fully reliable and you dont have to worry about data security as well.

Download G Cloud App [FREE]

If you want unlimited storage of G Cloud backup for your Android, then you may consider purchasing the UNLIMITED Cloud Storage to store any type of files safely, securely and restore them quickly as well.

Genie9 G Cloud for Android

Original Price: 39.95 USD

Discounted Price: 35.95 USD

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I am sure you will find this android app for backup your mobile and tablets really useful after installing it on your device.

Thanks for reading and trying Genie9 backup software. Have a wonderful day and do share your views in the comments below. You may share this post to let your friends also find this useful software and try that on their mobile phone.

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