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In this internet world everyone have E-mail accounts. Even though many E-mail clients exist, we still love gmail accessed via web browser. Last monday Gmail has announced a new feature called Priority Inbox. It will prioritize the E-mail you receive. Let we see how the Gmail priority inbox works.

Priority Inbox can help save you time if you’re overwhelmed with the amount of email you get. It attempts to automatically identify your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. Gmail uses a variety of signals to prioritize your incoming messages, including who you emailed most frequently and which messages you’ve recently opened as opposed to which messages you’ve deleted. In priority Inbox section there are three important categories “Important and Unread“, “Starred“, “Everything else“. If the priority section contains unwanted mail or any important mails that are not in priority inbox section, we can change the setting by marking the mail as important or unimportant. Two controls (Plus and Minnus) to change the  priority level of an email. Once you marked the mail as unimportant, it will remove the mail from that section.

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How this priority section works:

In order to find which mail is important, Gmail using the technology which is used for finding the spam mail. If it incorrectly predicts which messages are important you can help train it with the importance buttons just like you can help Gmail’s spam filter by using the Report as spam button.

Automatically detect the Important mail:

To detect which of your incoming messages are important, Gmail automatically takes into account a number of signals, including:

1. who send the mail(You may used this mail Id often)

2. The terms used in that mail (If you always read  message about exam, then if a mail comes with the word exam it will be considered as an important mail).

3. The actions that help us determine which people/terms are important to you include: replying, using stars, archiving, deleting (Messages you star are probably more important than messages you archive without opening.)

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How to use Priority Inbox in a Better way:

1. Create custom importance filters.

If there are certain senders or terms that you always want to be marked important (or not), you can set up a filter to always or never mark those messages as important.

2. Create your own labels for different categories and show those in the different sections.

You can customize up to three sections to show whichever labels you choose. For example, you can put all the messages from your family in one section, all the messages from your friends in another, and all the messages from your co-workers in another. You can customize your sections to show whichever labels you want, just click on the title of the section you’d like to change, select More options… and choose a label.

3. Only look at the important messages and check out everything else later.

Only want to see important messages in Priority Inbox? Go to the Priority Inbox tab in Settings and change the top section to ‘Important’ and remove the middle section. When you go back to Priority Inbox, you’ll have only two sections: ‘Important’ and ‘Everything else.’ If you want to get rid of everything else, just click on the minus sign to the left of Everything else to minimize that section.

4. Get back on track when you come back from vacation.

Ever get back from a relaxing vacation only to be overwhelmed by your inbox? You can use the View All link in the Important and Unread section to focus only on your important messages first. Once you’ve gone through all of your important mail, you can scan everything else.

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  1. It hasn’t been enabled for me yet. I want to test it soon, but Google says they will roll out the feature in one week and Indian users would be last in that list 🙁

  2. @arun I just got mine… I think it takes some time to reach indian user accounts. You must see the “Priority Inbox – Feature” at the header of your mail box page. Have fun.

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