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Hi friends!!! I hope this week is more for medium and small scale businessmen. Yes, the news is Google have launched a blog focusing small and medium scale business people. So this will not be a place where they can start writing article or something, rather they can make some ad’s here at an economical cost. As per further reports the blog will be acting as a medium to guide those who were in need of suggestions to start a new business and tips for those who are in oscillation on their perspective fields of business.

The actual track behind this operation is nothing but the feedbacks provided from the users as traced by the latest addition to Google’s massive arsenal of company and products blogs comes after a series of small-business-oriented articles on the Official Google Blog over the last few months stating the features they would suggest through it. Eventually, these posts have covered small business-ventured Google products like Apps, AdWords and so on, other possible means of helping possibly the entrepreneurs on their way. Some posts profile small or medium-sized companies who have used Google products to grow their business. Presumably, the new blog will be an continuation of this type of content.

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