How to Call From Gmail to Mobile for FREE ?

Want to make a quick call when you’re at your computer? Need to contact someone when you’re in an area with bad reception? Starting today, you can call any phone right from Gmail! Google introduces the feature of calling the mobile phones from your gmail account. This service works free for the mobile phones in U.S and Canada and at reasonably low rates for International users.

Google Leading internet telephony provider
United States free 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
Canada free 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
India 6 ¢/min 9.2 ¢/min + connection fee
UK landline 2 ¢/min 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
UK mobile 18 ¢/min 25.3 ¢/min + connection fee
Mexico landline 10 ¢/min 9.9 ¢/min + connection fee
Mexico mobile 19 ¢/min 33.6 ¢/min + connection fee
France landline 2 ¢/min 2.1 ¢/min + connection fee
France mobile 15 ¢/min 20.3 ¢/min + connection fee

Install the google voice and video chat plugin and take advantage of calling your loved ones totally at zero cost.Visit to download the plugin for using this feature.

There is no doubt, when the call quality and video quality becomes perfect, the leading voice and video chat service provider skype will get its business graph go down.

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  1. It’s really cool and yet another great innovation offered by the Google team. I guess they are offering lots of options to their Gmail users to outperform the Yahoo mail systems but the piece of news is great for the folks who do not like leaving their PCs even for a minute to make phone call.

    1. Very true @Arun. i am sure it will be more than 3 years. Google SMS is an awesome feature and really wondering why it fails to work in many cases.

    1. Hi @swamykant, actually i started to learn SEO things and focusing more on bringing SEO related titles. I can see awesome growth in the traffic and alexa rank as well. 🙂

      And as you know, the commenting in blogosphere is another part plays to pull people here for commenting 🙂


  2. Hello.
    Its good to here that Gmail introduced a new option in calling from Gmail to Mobile.
    Thank to GMAIL.
    Can anyone eloborate on this and I have one question on this , that this option can be used the users from USA, CANADA or it can be used by users from INDIA?

    1. dear friend
      how to use calling from gmail to mobile in india please tell me fast i am waiting to your feedback

  3. Its funny, cause I’m pretty sure by 1000 BCE there weren’t cavemen anymore.. writing was invented by 3000 BCE 😛 Mesopotamia, anyone? Egyptians?…
    Just kidding, even though the video screwed that up, this new gmail t0 phone thing is awesome.

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