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Introducing Shortmail, Send Email within 500 Characters Limit

Shortmail is a startup by Dave Troy CEO of 410Labs. Shortmail is really an innovative way of redesigned email communication. Its all about communication today, so many web applications launched in target with providing a best communication tool that people may use with confident and quick. Twitter became a great success because of a concept that its totally unique and specially designed for people who talk less 🙂 I mean, for people who are smart while communicating with their friends and followers.


So, What is Shortmail ?

Shortmail is a new email service that comes within 500 characters limit to make the communication precise and even better than usual Email communication. 500 characters is pretty enough to convey what we like to say to our friends. Moreover, you dont have to create a new shortmail account as it allows you to complete the signup with a simple click of a button. It uses Twitters’s OAuth to signup and create a new shortmail account.

Simply start using shortmail right now with your Twitter account API.

Shortmail Anti-Spam Mechanism

Shortmail 500 characters limitation helps to prevent 99% of email spams where they are simply restricted and not displayed inside shortmail.

More Conversational Format

As there is a 500 characters limit set, you have to be very precise in what you are saying while composing an email to your fellow shortmail user. You dont have to worry about extracting the actual content from an email that comes in 900+ characters to your default mailbox. While using shortmail, the limit looks positive in a way we have to write in more conversational format.


Give a try with shortmail and let us know that do you find this tool useful.

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