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TW2BUZZ Invitation Code

Tw2Buzz is a service that lets you to import your twitter contacts (followers) to Buzz. Many people feel that buzz is a great service by google. Especially tw2buzzusers who is new to buzz. Ofcourse, it takes some time to get familiar with buzz. But its still tough for google to pull the twitter users completely to buzz. Bloggers use both the service for spreading their contact. But people who wants to use twitter for communication purpose with their friends and family members are yet not compromising with the migration. I recently wrote about “WP Google Buzz WordPress Plugin by Arpit Shah” where you can find a Google Buzz Plugin (like the one in this article) for your wordpress blog.

Invite Code: gurus0nl1n39008

Alright, the Tw2Buzz is currently in beta that lets you to convert the twitter contacts easily. If you need to test this service just use the below invite while signing up with the Tw2Buzz website. You may also request for an invite in the official site. Have fun in buzzing ! 🙂

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