Windows 7 Step by Step Installation Guide

This tutorial demonstrates the installation of Windows Seven on a computer from scratch. After successful completion of this tutorial, you will be running a computer with Windows Seven only. Without much ranting, let us start right away.

Step 1: Insert the Seven DVD in your drive and restart your computer. If your computer is able to run Seven then it can very well boot off the DVD.

Step 2: Let it run its chores and when the control is returned to the user, we shall have to select the language, keyboard format and currency format. Press Next.

Step 3: If you wish to repair your computer using System Restore, select Restore your computer. Else press Install Now and start off the installation procedure.

Step 4: Windows Seven installation manager automatically detects your hardware configuration and displays if your computer is 64 bit capable. X86 denotes the usual 32 bit installation and x64 denotes 64-bit installation. Choose the one you wish to install. If you choose x64, you can install 32 bit software as well as 64 bit software in your machine later on. Vice versa is not possible. Once you have made your choice, press Next.

Step 5: Read the licence agreement and check the I agree checkbox. Only on agreeing to the terms and conditions, we shall be able to proceed with the installation. Press Next.

Step 6: If your computer has on older version of Windows you can choose upgrade on this step. Choosing so will simply upgrade your old Windows and you do not have to install the softwares again. To use this option, your old Windows and the present one you are installing should be of the same architecture (x86 or x64). To perform a complete installation from scratch select custom. For the purpose of this tutorial, we choose the second option.

Step 7: Choose the partition you wish to install Windows in. Select the required one and press next.

Step 8: Get some coffee, sit back and enjoy the show as Windows Seven gets installed. After two restarts the control will be given back to the user and on this screen you can type the primary username and computer name. You can add more users later on. Press next.

Step 9: Create a password if needed. Creating one is recommended though. Choose a password that is easy to remember for you and is difficult to guess. If you choose to create a password, you must create a password hint that tells something about your password so that you recollect it immediately in case you forget the password. Create a password or skip it and press next.

Step 10: Enter the product key of your copy of Windows Seven found in your DVD case. If you do not enter the product key, a 30 day trial version of Windows Seven will be installed with a default product key. Press next when you are done with this step.

Step 11: This step requires you to choose the level of security and updates that your machine will receive. As it says, recommended settings.

Step 12: Choose your time zone and check if the date and time are set correctly. If not, change them accordingly after choosing your correct time zone. Press next.

Step 13: This step is for specifying the firewall and file sharing level in your computer. Choosing public network gives you the maximum security.

Step 14: One more round of sitting back and enjoying the show while waiting for the installation to complete the final settings.

Step 15: Done!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and are benefited by it. Next week, I shall post a tutorial on how to convert this machine into a dual boot with Windows Seven and Ubuntu.

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About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. I believe your tutorial is not going to be of great use to newbies because it doesn’t contain much details nor does it have any screenshots. A tutorial should contain detailed instruction with screenshots of each steps which your post lacks.

    Luckily, I didn’t require any previous knowledge to install windows 7 on my computer. I also duel boot linux ubuntu 10.04. But I stay in linux for most time.

  2. Well, ok I just missed the slideshow. It’s ok now. But I believe it could be more user-friendly if those screenshots were put in each steps individually instead of all at once.

    1. Hi Sajib, Thanks for your comment. We thought to try something different and better for low bandwidth users too. Loading many pictures with lengthy titles can be shortened with powerpoint embedding feature generally. 🙂 thats the reason we normally use slideshare and scribd with our articles and tutorials.

      – Robin

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