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This article, which is HUGE by the way, aims to be a one-stop destination for all things YouTube. It covers numerous Tricks, Hacks, Tools and Apps for YouTube fans. The guide is long, detailed and informative. At least that is what I have attempted it to make. Hope you like it.

Brief chronicle of YouTube:

As everyone knows YouTube is a very popular Web video sharing site that lets anyone can upload and view videos for private or public viewing of up to 2 GB in various format at different resolutions (Standard to 1024p HD). So as slogan comes Broadcast yourself. Viewing YouTube videos on browser just requires the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. And now YouTube is available in 14 languages (22 if different language variations are taken into account), and now serving more than 2 billion videos a day,

YouTube Inc. was founded by three former PayPal employees Pay Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005 in San Bruno, California. The domain was activated on February 15, 2005, and 23 April was the first video uploaded, Me at the Zoo (“I at the zoo ‘). By May 2006, according to Alexa.com, YouTube reached 7000 million mark several times, also had become the tenth most visited site in the USA.

At that time, the New York Post estimated that YouTube would be worth between 600 and 1000 million U.S. dollars.

Success stories:

By later in November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1650 million dollars in stock.

By June 2008 38% of videos viewed in Internet came from YouTube, In that month, an announcement on the YouTube home page daily cost $ 175,000 and the customer must commit to spending 50,000 additional dollars on ads on Google or other pages on YouTube.

In April 2009, Google announced that YouTube signed alliances with some Hollywood studios that the site could show television and full movies.

In January 2010, launches YouTube Rentals, an online video store service with full-length movies which can be viewed instantly after payment. In January 2010, launches YouTube Rentals, an online video store service with full-length movies which can be viewed instantly after payment. Starting in March 2010, YouTube started streaming all 60 cricket matches of the Indian Premier League worldwide for free, which YouTube claims is the first worldwide free online broadcast of a major sporting event.

Now YouTube earns revenue by selling advertising, and has partnership deals with content providers such as CBS, Warner Music Group, and the NBA.

Here is a list of YouTube Tips and Tricks while Using YouTube Services,

1. How To Download YouTube Video Directly And Save in Computer

If you are a Firefox user then you can download YouTube videos with the help of a Firefox plugin called 1 Click Youtube Video Download.

[OR] Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons. Search for 1 Click Youtube Video Download Firefox Add-on. Click on Add to Firefox button.

1 Click Youtube Video Downloader
1 Click Youtube Video Downloader

Install the add-on and restart Firefox browser. Now go to YouTube and open any video page you want to download. You will see a download link on the bottom right side of the video. Click on any one  of the three available formats FLV, MP4 and 3GP. Your download will start after clicking the icon bottom right corner of flash player.


1. Download YouTube videos in a single click.

2. Download in MP4, 3GP and FLV format.

3. Download HD videos.

4. You can Download YouTube videos directly from the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There are some nice desktop tools too that help you download videos directly from YouTube. These include Orbit Downloader, VDownloader and VideoSlurp for Windows and Free YouTube Downloader For Mac. I better recommend Internet Download Manager(IDM),

2. Start watching a video on YouTube from a specific point

This can be achieved using a simple url trick just add #t=XY where X is the minute and Y is the second from where you want the video to start.

3. Set YouTube to always play HQ videos

If you want YouTube to always play videos in high quality then that can be done by logging in to your YouTube account and going here – http://www.youtube.com/account#playback/quality

4. Watch YouTube videos in browser in a sidebar while working on other tasks

If you are addicted to watching videos and wanna do it without leaving your current browser page, then there are some nice browser add-ons available for that purpose.

5. Watch YouTube videos on TV

Just visit elaborately youtube.com/xl and you find YouTubes default interface optimized for your large screen LCDs. Of course you got to connect your computer to your TV for that which is a different topic altogether.

6. Watch 18+ videos on YouTube without logging in

Disclaimer: Use this trick only if you are aged above 18 and agree the Youtube Safety Policy – Terms and conditions.

Ofcourse, YouTube doesn’t host porn or let the user to host such contents. However it does have videos which are NSFW (Not Safe for Work) and need a sign-in plus age verification for viewing. If you want to bypass these steps then you could do it by adding nsfw in the video url, just after www. So if a NSFW video url is http://www.youtube.com/xyz then you could watch it quickly by typing http://www.nsfwyoutube.com/xyz in the address bar.

7. Make YouTube safe for kids

Right, so you want to watch NSFW stuff but don’t want your kids to come across them when they are browsing YouTube. Fair enough. YouTube has a safety mode just for that. See it in action in the video below.

8. Watch two YouTube videos side by side

YouTube Doubler lets you do that.

9. Can’t play YouTube videos because the internet is slow?

If you’ve got a really slow internet connection then playing YouTube videos the regular way might not work because they consume a lot of bandwidth. You can try out Feather Beta, a new experimental feature of YouTube which eliminates a lot of things that eat up speed and helps you play videos on slow connections.

10. Watch Movies online

Absolutely. It has a good number of full movies well categorized into different sections which you can watch online. Check out youtube.com/movies.

11. Add subtitles to YouTube videos

Check out Subyo, a service that helps you do that.

12. Dub YouTube videos

If you want to dub a YouTube video by adding audio in the background from another source then that isn’t difficult either. A tool known as YtDub would help you do that.

13. Upload videos through email

If you log in to your YouTube account and go to www.youtube.com/account#mobile you will find that it gives a special email address to upload from cellphones. You could use the same address to send your uploaded video attached via email, provided it is .AVI, .MPG or .MOV format and not larger than 2GB or longer than 10 minutes in length.

14. Disable Related Videos

Publishing your content in the form of Youtube video? Don’t want people to see other people’s content that may be related but may as well be in competition to you? Just add &rel=0 to the end of the url part of the embed code and you just turned off the related video suggestions!

15. Bypass Youtube Regional Filtering

Some videos are only available in certain parts of the world. Your IP Address is used to determine your location and then allow or deny access to the video. Change the url from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= to http://www.youtube.com/v/

Its your turn to comment about my article which will motivate me to come up with more innovative contents. Thanks for your patience and i am sure you have learned some new tricks today to entertain more with youtube. Have fun !

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