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20+ Best Youtube Channels To Subscribe

YouTube is the best video sharing website in world which carries a major number of population viewing it daily, for all flavors of their need. You all might know the factual things like a channel in YouTube and the purpose of subscribing to it. Even though there are a variety of video sharing websites available right  down in internet the most used keyword in Google is obviously YouTube – a part of Google’s network.

Individuals, Musicians, Short Film makers start a channel on which they usually upload some videos based on their way of marketing. The traffic hit in a YouTube channel determines the popularity of that particular channel and the videos that will be uploaded as well.

We are really glad to write this post which would hit all sort of audience interest. You can find different categories under YouTube like Entertainment, Education, comedy, music, games etc., And you might be really confused what are the best thing to subscribe to, in this big bucket. In YouTube you can subscribe any number of channels without any restrictions but do you really find that useful to subscribe a big number without making some productivity out  of it ? It is always good to make some sensible thing which would help you and your passion for knowing things to board a better platform.

We here recommend 20+ Youtube Channels to Subscribe and various categories that will help you get best videos from Experts and Youtubers. Technology, Research, Blog and Entertainment are the 4 category we have chosen, and here comes.

Youtube Technology Channels

In this current era one cannot stay away from this thing. Starting from a phone call to using an internet service each and every node have some influence done by technology in it. You cannot say no to it and so this is for technology freaks who would love to know more and more and explore up to the core.

Google’s Channel

It carries 417,395 subscribers so far and moving steady with new videos and support tutorials for beginners. Google’s official YouTube Channel which provides a medium to users for understanding their updates and the newbie Google plus and some of the best features inside it. (Go to Google’s Channel)


Cnet TV has a subscriber count of 85k which is a decent number as this is purely a tech freaks place. You can catch the updates about mobiles, laptops, tech shows, how to’s and a lot from this channel. Whether its an iPhone or an android smart phone you can get reviews from an end user as well as technology evangelist’s view through this verdict. (Go to Cnet TV’s Channel)

Google Tech Talks

With a Subscriber count of 67k this tech talk channel is a worth to subscribe. This carries some simple tips and tricks to make your surrounding speak technology. You can find some simple techniques to big wonders which will keep your learning strategy on a good mark. They also update some hand picked best videos and simple tricks on their page after proper copyrights. (Go to Google Tech Talks Channel)

Computer World

Computer world is yet another must subscribe to channel in YouTube. This Channel carries things like computer, hardware, gadget updates, technology and a lot more. Its a different experience being at Computer world which is well made for computer maniac’s and technology evangelists. (Go to Computer World’s Channel)

PC World

PC world is one of the best magazine that have a great fan base around the world. Their YouTube channel is yet another hit among the technology lover who can collect a variety of information from a single place with more number of addictive updates. Currently this channel carries 11k Subscribers and a total view count of about 9 million. (Go to PC World’s Channel)

Top Blogs Youtube Channel

Bloggers are those who stand as the guardian between technology and user. They carry the greatest responsibility being an entrepreneur and independent human building a firm base for all the technology fields. Blogs are always an productive environment to invest your time on. Some of the best blogs maintains their YouTube channel, and its worth following them as well.


A very well known blog which majorly targets technology, social media, entertainment, business and a variety of information all together. Their official YouTube channel is a must one to subscribe as it carries some exclusive interviews of highly techie people around the world which is quite rare to find somewhere else. (Go to Mashable’s Channel)


Gizmodo is a very famous site for gadget news and digital guidance in a simple way. If you are a newbie to internet and was looking for a single terminal to collect the maximum of information to quench your gadget thirst then Gizmodo is the right choice to go for. Their official YouTube Channel in assistance gives a collection of information under science, technology and also gadget. (Go to Gizmodo’s Channel)


An Indian blogger who’s doing some magic in the field of blogging is Amit Agarwal. His Blog Digital Inspiration (Labnol) is one of the favorite blog  for many users and tech evangelists around the world. The blog and its contents are simple and got the worth to get viral. Most of the videos in his official channel are hand made by him with a lot of tips and trick providing and all together tech ala carte to its viewers. (Go to Labnol’s channel)


Are you searching to find some of the top bloggers but who are not under the limelight? Do you need to get some tips and tricks from them either way? then this Channel in YouTube will help you to go for it. MeettheBloggers is a famous website showing you a collection of interviews and live chat’s with expert bloggers around the world. (Go to MeettheBlogger’s Channel)


TechWebTv is a video channel which brings the innovators, creators and emerging technology experts under limelight which pays a platform for us to know more. It also brings up some bloggers who bring out technology tricks and complicated terminologies in a simple way. (Go to TechWebTv’s Channel)

Youtube Research Channels

When i asked a common man what do you mean by research and his answer really stunned me. He said that, “Research is something which never ends but mean while provides certain nuggets of information which we call as invention“. It really worth asking that to him which made me

Research Channel

The world never stops without this thing. It all started when the human made spark by rubbing stones and it goes on like artificial intelligence, robotics, sixth sense etc., The thirst for research is very common among all fields take the king of sciences physics to a small atom. This channel provides you all sort of research information with which you can improvise your move. (Go to Research Channel)

MIT Youtube Channel

Massachusett’s Institute of technology is one of the finest institute for engineering and other research oriented studies. The major aspect of MIT it to develop and serve the mankind bringing in all the environment of science and technology. This Official YouTube channel of MIT provides some awesome lectures, interviews and research work in the form of thesis to the users. (Go to MIT’s Channel)

Education Talks at Google

A simple interactive channel which is also an official network of Google in the field of education and research. This channel mainly deals with the following aspects like lecture’s and notes which will be helping the innovators to be most benefited. (Go to Education Channel)


Hope everyone might be aware of this term which is a viral thing among the masses in technology world. Technology, Entertainment and Development is the original motive of TED shows and Talks. This is the platform which brings enormous number of innovators in front of the world and their worth some ideas whether its about preserving food material to DNA manipulation all are treated with same importance. (Go to TED’s Channel)


A Combination of two best institutions of India IITs and IISc which majorly concentrates on growing the education and research standards of India onto the next level. This channel carries as many as tutorials, lectures and presentations in a better way. This is one of the best channel carrying 83K subscribers mostly outside India and equally numbered Indian literates. (Go to NPTEL’s Channel)

Open University Research

Redefining every sense every angle to reach the Chances of height and might is the new expansion given by present days kids and youngsters. This is a special network meant for students who could really taste the essence of Research and readily stand front to excel through it. Starting from small to extraordinary student projects and their thesis were majorly included in channel with some interesting videos. (Go to Open University Research Channel)

Youtube Entertainment Channels

Anything and everything that helps you to change your mechanized life. Its must to have some sort of diversion which leads to amuse in terms of passive pleasure and get rid of the stress. Many chose entertainment as the biggest factor as their stress busting terminology. Whether its by music, movie, games, exercise, sports etc.,


A perfect entertainment factory which one might think to look for is Machinima. Entertainment unplugged is the wonderful term you can refer to it which contains trailers, game plays, videos and got a plenty of stuffs for all the game freaks. It have got a subscriber count of 3 million and its still growing. (Go to Machinima)


The ultimatum in the field of gaming and entertainment just stands with this platform which no one could object. The gaming experience is been carried away right from the start on a Xbox. Lot of negatives though the positives and the mission is easily ensured by the makers and the audience of Xbox. You can find some interesting stuffs other than game play’s, trailers like further projects on your entertainment pace making justice to it. (Go to Xbox Channel)

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

A wonderful program with many fans all over the world is just back in YouTube with their official channel providing all the exclusive videos and best handpicked one’s for the users. Being unique and different is not a sin and its a gift is the main motive of this show and it got a universal appeal for it. By this official channel once again its going to bring back the viewer count. (Go to Ripley’s Channel)

Fitness India

It is most essential for all software developers and bloggers who spend maximum time in front of computers and the rest on their bed. Ragav Pande is the fitness trainer who is bringing up some innovative workout plans to burn down the fat and to maintain a perfect body without moving to gym. (Go to Fitness India’s Channel)

PC Wizkid’s TechTalk

If you are eager to excite your kids with Funtertainment then this channel in YouTube will give you more than what you are really looking for. Games, hardware reviews, software reviews, PC tips and tweaks, performance of building PC’s and lot more about windows and Ubuntu on a single arena. (Go to PC Wizkid’s Channel)

Thanks for reading the article and we are glad to hear some more interesting YouTube Channel that are worth to subscribe which you were currently following and that we have missed on this list. Please drop your comments below and dont forget to share this post if you like to tell a word about this article to your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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