Microsoft KIN Series Launched Today

KIN is a new social experience from Microsoft Corp. that combines the phone, online services and the PC. Designed for the socially connected consumer, and with unique features such as the Spot, the Loop and Studio, KIN helps you navigate your social life. It brings together who and what you love in a whole new way.

The project pink by microsoft team is on the market now. The KIN Phones are actually named as Project PINK by MS and this comes in two models at present. There are some series of models yet to be announced. KIN ONE and KIN TWO are the two cool models launched to let the user experience a complete feature loaded mobile phones. Both comes with touch screen and internet facilities. The domination over Apple IPhone, is KIN’s Adobe Flash Player and Silverlight support.

The current tie up with Verizon in UK comes with attractive contract options. The competition is very clear on the track. Google Nexus and Apple IPhone are the very important competitors and in a week time we can see the level of tough time given or got by Microsoft.

[youtube width=”639″ height=”384″][/youtube]

via Microsoft Virtual Presskit

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