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YouTube adds Filter and Explore for Better Search Results

Last year YouTube has updated its navigation options and its interface with lots of features. It is more helpful for the users to get their favorite videos exactly and most helpful for commenting on the videos. This made YouTube to stand at the top video sharing site.

YouTube search is now enhanced with Filter and Explore option. This is to narrow down the search results of the users as now available on the Google home page for the users to easily locate their search. Filter and Explore option puts a lot of suggestions before you with different conditions.

The search can be made based on time of the video upload, based on its quality, based on the format, etc. The Explore option is to search the related topics associated with it. Also it provides the most searched topics related to the keyword we entered. This feature makes the user to easily find their searching videos. When there is no enough number of videos are available for your search only filter option will be provided.

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. So I checked new search technique with this keyword. Let me share the screen shot of my search result with filter and explore option. That gave me lot of suggestions and made my search experience better. Its quite easy for me to get my favorite video easily.

This new filter and explore feature is available only for U.S region. Youtube Team is working to bring this great feature for other country websites as well. What’s your opinion about the new YouTube feature ? Do you think its helpful for your search ? Please do share your view in the comments.

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