Amazon Silk – Revolutionary Cloud Accelerated Mobile Web Browser

Amazon to introduce a new Cloud Accelerated Mobile web browser named Amazon Silk. This ultimate new browser comes with Amazon Kindle Fire once its released on mid of november this year. Amazon Silk is a split browser architecture built one that accelerates the power of the mobile device hardware by using the computing speed and power of the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The result is a faster web surfing experience on Kindle Fire.

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Amazon EC 2 Performance

Amazon EC 2 has some heavy configured servers in place to serve your requests when you surf websites through Amazon Silk Cloud accelerated web browser. Each EC 2 instance has 62 Giga Bytes of RAM and 8 Cores built through Optical Network to effectively answer your queries.

What is Split Browser Technology ?

Split browser means, the browser that splits and use the resources based on what runs on your device and what runs on the cloud. Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a complete Dynamic Split Browsing that lets you get extra ordinary performance without any slow speed issues while working.

amazon silk browser

Above screen shows the usual browsing requests and response that takes place between the server and mobile device. Which may result it more than 100 ms to complete the request when you surf websites.

amazon ec 2 connectionsBut in Kindle Fire, the more focus given to web surfing makes the speed and performance increased plenty of times with its EC 2 request and response serving. Amazon’s EC 2 handles all the requests with its heavy configuration of RAM and Processor and serves it to your Mobile Device. Hence you will experience the lightening speed of web browsing with your Amazon Silk web browser.

All these power packed features shows that Amazon made perfect wait to research more and come up with an Ebook reader to stand in the competitor row and see some positive scores. Lets see when we get our hands on with the new Amazon Kindle Fire ebook reader.

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