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Good looking, easy to work web browser by Indians for Indians. Yes, the Mozilla enthusiast team (Hidden Reflex) in India have created a web browser, that not just a browser for your http sites, also adds so many social media, games, and applications. So far the browser speed is pretty good with all these addons loaded. Epic Browser has its own collection of personas (themes in firefox) to showcase India’s culture, lifestyle, tradition and so on.

  • Built on the latest Mozilla Firefox.
  • Tweaked for Speed.
  • Faster Browsing.
  • Faster Downloads.

Let me list out the features it offers in your desktop. The aim of the developer team is simple, and it is to not let you go out of one window and thats the epic browser. With a click of a mouse button you can get Games, Latest Movie songs, Live Cricket Scores, Regional and Different Language news, Stock Quotes, Events, Music Videos, Daily Jokes and counting.. 🙂

The Epic Browser has an inbuilt antivirus and antispyware system to protect you from known cyber security threats. Which is powered by ESET, NOD 32 Antivirus system You may use this to scan your full system or a specific folder for virus, malware or spyware threats. The Attachments you download via Epic browser will be scanned by Nod 32 system before you access it.

At your first scan the browser will initialize the download of virus definitions (signatures) of 25 mb size and thats ofcourse pretty tough for slow speed connection users.


About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. Being an indian i am very proud to say,its a browser with amazing features and thanking to all who had their contributions in building this great indian browser to the world…….its really pretty good,,,

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